1. idk how steam works but buying 8 extra copies just to own the libs isn’t the brag or flex u think it is

  2. Give her a break. All she’s ever had was her Dad’s business given to her, an affair with some dude in her gym, a belief that 9/11 didn’t happen and school shooting victims are actors, and the IQ of moldy cheese.

  3. don’t forget about those jewish space lasers causing forest fires

  4. trump could shoot them and they would still say “biden did it” or “it’s the deep state” or “that’s not trump”

  5. poor warrior. even after getting buffs, it’s still weaker than heavily nerfed rogue

  6. you can get a lot of free time by not posting (and re-posting your old posts with agree) on linkedin.

  7. i don’t think spending 10 hrs on a task that should be done in 3 hrs is a good thing or flex

  8. May I ask what is the best thing about the upcoming mini-set?

  9. the cards haven’t been announced yet so nobody knows.

  10. i love how oop is trying to make others feel guilty of not wanting to work super hard but demands that others don’t make them guilty

  11. any particular reason to leetcode after my first co-op? currently doing my first and would appreciate any progression advice.

  12. generally u want to do side projects to get your first coop. most of the time, bc u don’t have any experience before ur first coop, ur first coop won’t be that great.

  13. given how trumps other construction projects went, im guessing that his dome won’t be completed and will go bankrupt

  14. brann will prob get rotated out (i hope) in a few months

  15. I totally agree. He was also the only president who was genuinely horrified by some of the unscrupulous things the CIA did and worked to curtail it. They hated him for it.

  16. i think kennedy was also horrified and tried his best to curb its power

  17. Who is the third? I see Maggie and Meg but I’m not familiar with the rest

  18. lisa simpson. she’s maggie’s older sister but still in school

  19. the guy on the left is the person who contributes nothing to a project but still wants their name on it

  20. i’ve seen him use this sound track at least 2 other times. is he just making “new” faces with this one sound track?

  21. i work at a faang in canada (peanut tc) but get to live at home.

  22. I'd like to add that I am most interested in AI research and pretty good at mathematics.

  23. if you’re interested in research i think uoft is a good place to go

  24. who tf puts “sharer of thoughts” in their linkedin title

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