1. Don't see it labeled as such but it has multiple zones? Would a 2nd or 3rd zone be configured as a pre out? . Here's the receiver

  2. Maybe it says "suck" before Pumps and the Atari guy won't stop asking for help with his joystick. There's also a "Hot Rod Power Tour" poster on the wall. I went on one of those once and it hurt like hell to piss afterwards.

  3. Haha, point well-taken. Fortunately I have plenty of other content I think you'll enjoy.

  4. It´s called a Billnäs. Made in Finland a long time ago, this one is probably about 70 years old.

  5. We can condone Russia without asking if an axe is good at literally chopping up human beings

  6. No, fuck Russia...the Russian people? Probably like people anywhere and not part 9f the cancer, but fuck Russia

  7. exactly...this is what I posted in the other thread but anyone can pretend that the Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Niners etc are viabkle options who are seeking your services but it doesn't mean that they actually are...why the fuck would any of those teams want to overpay for a washed up RB? They wouldn't

  8. dude you have some imbalance you need to goto a doctor and figure it out, this is FUCKED

  9. its always a huge risk when a franchise QB goes to a new team that's in build mode... Russel Wilson was widely considered one of the best and most consistent QBs in the league but he shat the bed, will it be the same with Rodgers? I don't think might not be a huge, immediate success but I like the pieces the Jets are putting together and the staff they have in place...I think a .500 (or slightly better) season is possible but remember how tough that AFC is and will be

  10. Yo man, I heard you like Sharkbites. So we put Sharkbites with your Sharkbites and connected them via Sharkbites.

  11. dont they make copper and brass manifolds you can buy already assembled? Obviously a professional can make one quite easily, but for the homeowner I'm sure I've seen plug and play manifolds with 5 or 6 valves on them, buy a couple of those, solder em together as you need and be done with it no?

  12. he's so easy to bait into a argument, what a fucking useless shill, I really hope him and Cramer and all the rest of them go down with the ship

  13. you have to use close friends and colleagues, don't ever just choose someone you worked with who you think liked you, make sure its someone who loves you

  14. There's an outstanding amount of misinformation in this thread. For anyone wondering:

  15. I'm astounded this is even a thought it was fake when I first saw the post, are people in the UK really expected to have a license to watch TV for BBC? I thought BBC was state owned and funded by your tax dollars no? Why the hell would you need to pay anymore for it?

  16. OMG, this has to be the winner so far...this and the SWAG ones, 1 to hurt it, 2 to kill it....fucking bone rot and Einstein? I'm dying here

  17. My same thought. I’m curious what % of population actually tracks their finances to notice billing mistakes and what % would simply never notice and truthfully be playing dumb.

  18. yep play dumb...."uh I thought if I moved in after the 15th I got 50% off my parking while I lived here (i.e. not just month 1), i thought it was a promotion or something". If they ever catch on (they probably won't) just say 'that's ridiculous, there's no way I can afford to pay all that money, what are you crazy? this is YOUR error" Worst case Ontario you have to pay some portion of it, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be the whole thing

  19. He's gone all in on being antiwoke recently, but let's not pretend why he was considered to be on the left. The thing I always point to is when he defended looting during the 08 financial crisis. As far as I can tell no one who most people would call conservative was doing that, but maybe you've seen otherwise.

  20. You guys realize not everyone fits into your neat little black vs white boxes right? Chris Rock said it best: "Liberal, Conservative, anyone who makes up their mind what they are before hearing the issue is a damn fool"

  21. Thank you!!!!!! I hate that everyone on Reddit is so hopelessly un-nuanced that they would even stick me (a lifelong democratic voter) with the conservatives.

  22. they can try that shit but I don't think its gonna take tbh...I think you'll just convert regular employees more and more to freelance contractors...because if you're going to have to provide your own laptop, internet etc already then why not own it yourself as part of your business so you can write off the expenses and set your own rules...monitoring software? Nope, get fukd. And time off? I tell you when I'm off, not vice versa.

  23. Spent a couple weeks there, it was awesome, friendly people, great food, beautiful country

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