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  1. They don't look like Milan at all

  2. They’re new-ish just muddy. My job is hard on shoes too

  3. Off hand .. no. Unless you just installed air filter( if that's what you're agreeing to) You would need the code from the cel to make sure. If you don't have a reader. Then a trip to dealer is in order. But before that makes sure to check your connections and hoses . To make sure everything is seated sealed or bypassed properly .

  4. I was agreeing to not letting it warm up. Filter is stock.

  5. You would still need to get the cel code . To diagnose issue. Could be gunk clogging something . Could be totally unrelated. Unless something feels terribly wrong . I would take it out for at least 45 mins. And get everything dry and hot. Don't run it in place for that long though. If the issue goes away. The cel will turn off by the second or third run.

  6. That’s what I was thinking lol. It’s just a new to me bike and I was freaking out a little lol

  7. She’s pissed cause she didn’t think of it first.

  8. He’s like “oooooh that’s why they sit in this thing”

  9. Bro built a fire raw. Just raw dogging the patio bro

  10. It’s actually on a blacked tree round on the patio. You can see the split lines below the pan

  11. Ooooh okay now I see it😂 next post woulda been “how to treat belt marks on my ass?”

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