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  1. Are you talking about how the clip cuts out at the end?

  2. There's two cuts in the video. The second is to go to the screenshot. The first one cuts out a split second of the fall.

  3. Ohh, gibbs probably skipped ahead in the video. The full video is on torment’s twitter

  4. The beginning of this clip says a lot. Garrett gets the ball with time, space, and boost but only gets a bad 50 out of it?

  5. Garrett's slow play allows justn to get out of the zone, get boost, and come back in to make the play justn did. if he goes fast, he only throws the ball away.

  6. Slow play was the right move, but Garrett didn’t execute it very well. Garrett got lucky that jstn was so fast getting to the ball and pulled an amazing goal like that out of nowherr

  7. I honestly don't know how Garrett could have done better. I assumed justn commed he was mid and Garrett got a 50 that shot the ball mid.

  8. Honestly amazing to think that if Torment and Squishy had replaced Gimmick back in the day, C9 could still be here. I really miss the logo and name.

  9. Iirc, c9 left due to poor communication and planning by Psyonix. No roadmap for profitability for orgs. Psyonix is much better regarding that these days about it

  10. Yeah, that was C9's given reason, but I truly believe if they had a top team still, they would have stayed. A mid-level team with great communication and planning from Psyonix would have made them stay as well.

  11. I hate monkeys too. You're the first person I've seen besides my dad agree with me about them

  12. I hate monkeys too. Idk why so many ppl love them. They're creepy looking, stink, spread disease and shit, and they're far more dangerous physically than most would expect.

  13. I fucking hate monkeys. I was on a safari once and a troop of those assholes raided our jeep, then proceeded to hang out where we were eating and kept snatching all the food out of our hands. I swear I was just about to take a bite out of my banana and all of a sudden it had been ripped out by a monkey. Then I looked over at my sandwich and one of the monkeys had its hand pressed onto my sandwich and was squishing it. I just threw it out - not eating a sandwich tainted by their filthy little fingers. Everyone thought I was weird because I fucking hated the monkeys but after that they understood me.

  14. At least people understand you now. I hate being alone on my dislike for monkeys when talking to friends. I wish monkeys were taught to fear people like other wild animals are. Then most would not come near in situations like this.

  15. He was president and didn't hold Hillary accountable. He declared he would drain the swamp and didn't. Is it really surprising the swamp is trying to drown him now?

  16. I was going through my all subs feed and this totally threw me for a bit. How does he know?! 😆

  17. On the discussion of trans women being allowed to compete alongside cis women, I have a lot to say on it as I was a big part of the behind the scenes regulations the home nations put in place.

  18. Reaction time and noticing movement is huge in gaming. As humans used to live in hunter gatherer societies, these qualities were necessary for hunters. Hunters were mostly if not always men.

  19. I really like this idea. I hope it gets done every year! I would love to know exactly how points are normalized if you can inform us. Thanks!

  20. Your parents taught you to be submissive. Being submissive and doing everything for a girl does not make her respect you. It makes her make excessive demands of you nonstop and she'll treat you like shit when anything matters to you because there are no repercussions. Women who know they can act like this will cheat in the future, they won't love the guy.

  21. Sucks that it's only for the auto qual teams. Guess I'm gonna have to rep Endpoint for Archie BOSH

  22. I am happy we're not spread out more. I just want the rewards and I have no idea which team is going to get the most people. lol

  23. It's under Decks. Cycle through the icons and find Pet Space.

  24. Thanks!! I couldn't tell that the deck description had an icon that could be cycled.

  25. We're sorry, this comment was made out of Network. You owe the moderators $14,999.

  26. If it were another country, he'd still be waiting to get into the hospital.

  27. this is anti-healthcare propaganda that most of the time just isn’t true

  28. Whenever I hear people talk about the positives of non USA health care, it's always about the low cost and no other positives.

  29. Believe it or not I was wrong, after a 1 week ban, no motive to play the game and a broken thumb I can confirm I will absolutely NOT be getting the black marred shard like I wanted to 💀

  30. Holy heck! How'd you break your thumb? What'd you get banned for?

  31. Oof. What kind of debate lord doesn't even know his fallacies??

  32. Slippery slopes are not false 100% of the time. Saying so is lying.

  33. You misrepresent. You lie. You hate. You antagonize. You are malicious. Ends do not justify means.

  34. Turbo became the sub in April. Allushin went from coach to player.

  35. No im aware. But he is their coach now but he isn't there behind the players

  36. I always think if being gay was such a big deal biblically, why wasn’t it in the 10 commandments. All I ever hear is it’s mentioned in some random passage. I do know there are many passages about not passing judgement.

  37. The 4th commandment is honor thy father and mother. This defines male + female relationships.

  38. Being open to changing your view means discussing the topic, listening to others who dissent, and attempting to understand why they believe what they believe.

  39. Fuck context. This idiot has no idea what she's talking about. But then, she is a Republican. That's the trend.

  40. I have have friends who vote for both sides. Republican does not equal wrong. Democrat does not equal wrong.

  41. That doesn’t help her case. That’s like saying I was forced to steal food because my employer let everyone at work carry guns and I was scared to go to work, so I was too broke to buy food.

  42. Nope not quite. Change everyone owning guns to just management owning guns, change being scared to go to work to losing your job due to the store mismanaging its money and not being able to restock shelves, and change stealing food to having to eat rats.

  43. If I see someone going in and out constantly, I do this. GET YOUR BUNS ABOARD!

  44. 0. It says my phone can't run the game even though the phone has hardware capable of running it.

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