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  1. there is a Tuesday early load in as well. I also recommend if your driving in from out of state and have the time off to spare hitting one of the state camp grounds silver lake is super close you could always come a day or two early hit silver lake and have a chill time Michigan is beautiful.

  2. There is a great book you could read prior called birthing partner in my opinion it’s the only thing you need to read before hand. And everything everyone mentioned here is all good advice.

  3. Sick build man, hows the cable management in the back?

  4. As a 32 year old I’d say my body couldn’t take it. That being said I had a friend do it in 2019. Given he doesn’t dance as hard as I do. Depends on how hard you still go at the age of 33 and what you want your recovery to look like lol

  5. I am 37 and me and my SO have been going to EF since 2017. You do you just be safe and have fun. Anything good life is awesome there are a lot of reasons I would recommend it the big one is your going to walk a ton save your legs as much as you can I workout and run and I am always sore after festival last year I clocked over 50 miles of walking in four days ntm we went hard all weekend and hit the good life stage and rv parties after the forest shutdown every night.

  6. On FV - just recently returned player (Kunark to PoP era). Looking for a social casual guild I can converse with while leveling and find groups when possible.

  7. hit up Swool or Vorix from immortal forces if your looking for a great community. we are a casual guild but we do raid twice a week there is no sign-up sheet or application BS. we also do not have a raid requirement, we are just a bunch of very chill people who like to group work on progression and raid.

  8. I'm f2p for now so i can't go on TLP servers for the moment, maybe when a new TLP drops i could reconsider

  9. I am also on fv if you need help or have questions or just want some friends to group with feel free to reach out to vorix or swool.

  10. Cold shower, is about the only thing that gets my beast to calm down.

  11. is bard AC not the same as pal/etc?

  12. Not even close when your talking 120sk in like group gear your talking over 10k AC with 430-460k HP wars are even higher. But bards are indispensable in groups there utility is just so good there ADPS alone is just unbeatable. No they can’t tank but they were never meant to.

  13. It is both sexist and racist. These videos exist because a single person,

  14. Wouldn’t they just be a creator at that point. She is a total bad ass.

  15. I have a laptop to box something on, is the bard hard to play as a box? I wanna just sit back and chill not be 100 miles an hour :》

  16. Not at all super super easy just got to setup your keys and ingame eq macros once you have melody it’s pretty sick.

  17. There is social to be had in EQ, but as another comment said, it's really just a top heavy game on every server. The first couple weeks on TLPs don't feel as top heavy because you have people of varying schedules leveling at different paces.

  18. I didn’t play solo at all from 1-120 but I met a group and guild that helped me every step of the way. I have been back to the game now for about 4 months.

  19. Np we are happy to educate and show you the ropes

  20. I mean I get it I thought the same thing and your right it’s a lot I am happy I made the choice I did because I would have never gotten to experience the newer expansion packs which in my opinion has breathed life back into the game. The content for a group alone is worth the journey down the rabbit hole for me.

  21. I started on launch day and only because my SO at the time had been talking EQ up for months and wanted me to play with him. I’d never played a game like this before and he had to teach me a lot but I got hooked fast. Started as a rogue because I thought it would be like D&D (lol) and got killed so fast every time I approached a mob I was in tears. So I switched to a human monk thinking it would be better, but being blind as a bat and weighted down constantly was just as bad, thus more tears. Finally my SO suggested a Druid and it was a dream come true. Funny thing is I rarely soloed so I wasn’t that quad-kiting Druid who never grouped - I had no idea how to kite because I was always with him and a few friends we met in the beginning.

  22. Crazy story. I was working on paladin 1.0 on Rizlona TLP at level 60. I had everything done aside from the final turn in in PoFear of all places. None of my guild's were up for PoFear run when I got to that point though. So, I waited outside the gate to PoF until a dude boxing 2 full groups ran into Fear. I gave him about 5 minutes to break the zone in area. Zoned in and told him what I was going to. He cleared maybe part way to Irak but said that was about as far as he could make it. So I had to Divine Aura myself and try to do the turn in while invulnerable. I make it to him and as soon as I clicked give I died! That was the longest respawn load I ever had! I respawn and check my inventory and there is was Fiery Defender!

  23. That’s pretty epic dude boxing came in clutch too.

  24. Welcome back man come chat with me sometime I am swool. I also recently came back to the game and we have a bunch of ppl around your lvl in my guild making the run from 1-120.

  25. Welcome back, if your on FV hit Swool up we will group sometime.

  26. Talk with swool or vorix on FV if you go there we have a number of returning players and even some new players to eq that are making the run from 1-120 atm.

  27. I recently did this on FV which is a live server and was lucky that some family and friends were thinking the same thing as well and we played from 1-118 and are still lvling and grinding doing the progression missions.

  28. I don’t known what server you are on but I have a bunch of ppl in my guild on FV there are probably 20-30 peeps that only group among each other whenever we pick up a new member they join them for progression merc/part missions group missions.

  29. I’d recommend looking up and trying ISBoxer

  30. The follow feature alone is a game changer not to mention screen management from isboxer are just amazing you can still setup your eq in game macros. It just works a million times better especially if you have an older pc it helps with resource management.

  31. This is a really really bad relationship. Love is a two way street it’s a partnership. Marriage is even harder take it from someone who has survived 20 years of marriage it’s hard work and a life of dedication to each other.

  32. They are casting magic missile……. At the darkness.

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