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  1. ok well what happens when onslaught and draconic destiny are in the bottom half of your library? how would you expect this deck to win?

  2. Penregon + large volumes of tokens. Would benefit from a whirling strike but grinds well I think vs many of the commons and uncommons of the format, but isn't going to beat many of the bigger bombs.

  3. Am I wrong in thinking that the only non-creature artifacts this deck has access to for Mightstone's Animation are the two powerstones created by one copy each of Stern Lesson and Excavation Explosion? Seems like the two copies of Mightstone's Animation are going to be dead cards in a concerning majority of games.

  4. It can target artifact creatures, so with combat courier, the scraper mut and the soldier tokens I count 9 cards that are at least solid with mightstone. But even then that seems low to me. Anyone have baseline expectations for how many targets they want to run mightstone?

  5. Triggered would be like “Whenever…” right?

  6. I couldn’t imagine ever making a character that picks these. They’re really narrow defensive buffs that just might not come up enough. You could maybe even double them up and I’d still question whether I’m getting my bang for my buck compared to a bunch of feats I’m guaranteed to get value out of, sometimes every round.

  7. Feats are such a scarce resource that I often feel like if they're not one of the 10 to 20 most powerful options is hard to make room for them. But I feel like these are reasonable options that are above average as far as half feats go, without being overpowered, which is a difficult design space to hit.

  8. Unlike the lesser known Fury of the Large, which is quite big

  9. Four cards that jumped out at me as potential options are Rona's Vortex, Siphon Insight, Hostage Taker, and Scarab God. Have any of these made it into your testing? Love the list and concept.

  10. Restoration is indeed a valid school of magic

  11. Just honest question because I've never focused on Restoration. What benefits do you get by leveling it up?

  12. More healing, more effective spells on undead, better wards, emergency auto-heal and stamina regeneration. Also standard cheaper spells.

  13. Emergency auto-heal seems really nice. I often glitch stamina into the stratosphere with Alchemy / Enchanting loops, but I try to leave health at a level where I can actually be challenged by enemies.

  14. As a control player at heart, haste is the simplest answer you have as a RG player against control. The goal should be to get them low and force the board wipe, then slam haste creatures after to close them out.

  15. Is it a bug on Mobile at all? I've not experienced it, and I have my sound on probably 2/3 of the time, but I'm almost exclusively using the android client.

  16. I want to agree, but from what I can tell the (extremely small sample size) data looks to disagree:

  17. I've been playing a lot of UW Yorion in Bo3 since anthology came out. I've won about 2/3 of my games against RB but it isn't easy and I'm not sure that winrate will hold. I'm running 4 Verdict and 2 Doomskar main deck at the moment, as well as 4 Wandering Emperor. I've also got 2 Dream Trawlers, 1 main and 1 side.

  18. In the US you'd have to get a new phone number to do this. If your spouse makes an account and you try to keep your old number, it won't count as a new activation, just as transferring who controls that number. Source: worked for almost 3 years with one of the big US carriers.

  19. Yeah I think it's important even for non-minmaxers to have realistic expectations when multiclassing.

  20. I think there's a portion of players that just hate it when words like "optimized" and "effective" are thrown around because to them D&D is about the story not the game.

  21. Hexblade's Curse works with Magic Missile. At level 20 thats 4 5th level magic missiles doing 8d4+8 force +(8×6 necrotic) damage each. Minimum 64 damage. Maximum 88. And again you have 4 of those. But you can use your action to get 4 more xD

  22. While this does work RAW, not every DM will allow you to roll a single d4 for your magic missile spell. Worth checking with your DM first.

  23. Can't afford to buy a bundle for the first time in several sets, due to new house and a baby on the way. Would love to stay engaged with Hearthstone this set!

  24. This I did not know. Is there a level of spaceship I need to get to to do this?

  25. I was able to mostly finish crafting the third tier version of each of the artifacts through grinding the 6th spaceship, and finished while grinding the 7th spaceship. I can get to 4th tier just with these but it'll take some time. I've got just over 1 billion soul eggs and only 2 prophecy eggs.

  26. No Its not for drones, was filling a rocket so the egg laying rate helps boost that. For GE drones those 3 artifacts are the only ones I know that help with higher/more frequent drones.

  27. Thank you! That definitely makes sense. Only just unlocked Galeggtica ships with only just over a billion soul eggs and only 2 prophecy eggs, so I've got a ways to go :)

  28. Yeah totally. Honestly don’t worry about going for extended rockets until you get to the final rocket. You’ll just waste time and get junk artifacts

  29. Makes sense. I've only been doing longer time duration rockets when I won't be awake to open the shorter ones.

  30. yeah, i see these on streams frequently but in my mmr (6-7k) this is extremely rare. only saw a guy once in the middle of his transition to this and he died soon after.

  31. I'm 7-8k atm and only see this attempted occasionally. But hey if Bob gives you Khadgars and Barons and Elizas...

  32. It wouldn't be hard to just disable that quest until it recognizes an Old God is in your collection. Or the guaranteed first legendary could've been a guaranteed Old God

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