If you're a man, you need to stop eating crap, you need to exercise, you need to stay off of hard drugs, you need to find purpose, you need to care about something more than yourself. It's time to man the fuck up.

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  1. Yea honestly I have the same problem with muscle spasms in my legs/feet when I’m trying to come down from a 3-4 gram trip. I’d recommend taking some sort of benzo and just go to sleep. But that’s counterproductive.

  2. I’m always hydrated. I’ve heard it’s a magnesium deficiency because LSD does the same thing to me but I had blood work done and specifically asked to check for any deficiencies.

  3. If you’re Mexican you can get up to 3500 UAVs for free.

  4. I can’t believe this poll is even close to being split. The update is a dumpster fire. Is activisions mental capacity maxed out when it comes to anything past World War One. Jesus Christ. The game is nothing but constant crashing. Shit graphics. Glitches. Shit guns. Shit operators. Too many plants/bushes/trees. Map layout is garbage. Vehicles garbage. God I can’t think of a positive thing about it.

  5. The games trash idk how anyone can honestly be happy with it. Replacing verdansk wasn’t asking much and they couldn’t even manage that

  6. Buy actual shrooms you have no idea what’s in that thing

  7. What are you even talking about? You seem to be trying your best to get reactions out of people, because nothing you’ve said is even productive. It’s all from a very narrow minded approach clearly lacking empathy, and a holistic perspective.

  8. Oh using complicated words, you sure come off as a narcissistic and very self conscious person who thinks they’re so much smarter and more educated than they really are. So go sit in your corner and preach to yourself. I’m done wasting time with you and all these people that are so beneath me. Darwinism will eventually clean out the less mentally equipped and one day this country will have all like minded individuals who have enough common sense to get out of their own way.

  9. Lmao you are absolutely incredible. “Complicated words?” And I’m ‘Narcissistic and think I’m more educated than I am’-is your brain tired from the mental gymnastics?

  10. Hey don’t be mad, no one chooses to be born the way they are. You just gotta accept it and move on.

  11. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second, I like taking the guns early” - DJT

  12. Just like a normal liberal taking things out of context, they’re not talking about all Americans they’re talking about people with mental disabilities or criminals and how they would remove the guns before taking the time to get a warrant in the case of someone being in danger. Jesus Christ.

  13. Honestly, I couldn't tell if this was Photoshop or what because of his hand!

  14. I could only imagine the sheer grip strength this guy has.

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