1. Thrones of Britannia: A Total War Saga 2

  2. It will continue. Putin learned from papa Stalin that he can spill Russian blood freely and without consequence, and when they inevitably have to retreat they'll go back to their "scorched earth" policies and bring to ruin anything they leave behind.

  3. It’s a popular anecdote about a violin player complaining about his music being too difficult. The story goes that he responds with something like “when the muse speaks to me she doesn’t sound like an amateur player” or something like that

  4. That is savage af and I'm here for it

  5. Mt St Helens is about to blow up and it's gonna be a fine swell day

  6. Losing your base nation doesn't actually hurt you very much. Your initial bonus is permanent and not attached to the country, so you don't lose that. So unlike other countries, you only lose some money, not a bonus.

  7. Interesting. Kinda sucks as I already have interceptors in that continent but not a disaster?

  8. That's the second nation, the first one to actually hit max panic. No other nation is above an orange

  9. Just for him I wish there was an "unmerciful kill" option. See how many limbs you can crunch before he gives up the ghost.

  10. It’s what frustrates me to no end with power weapons melee. Why do I need to charge it every time I use it. unusable.

  11. Honestly I'd be happy if the charge lasted longer than two seconds. The amount of times I charge, have to dodge out of melee range to avoid an attack, and then smack a crusher with a dinky basic hit makes me want to go back to eviscerating everything.

  12. Real talk I don't think I've ever gotten a spark above rank 3ish so I'm interested to know what they get

  13. Do you remember when Tyrande was actually half assassin half healer

  14. The Shaggy doth protest too much, methinks

  15. Well your five minute Google searches were wrong(what a surprise).I am Greek you got that right but accept democracy Greeks also made the first proper educational academies and universities(the Brits just made that disaster we have today in the Victorian era),as for independent judiciary?Also an ancient Greek idea/invention,efficient governance isn't really an invention so you could credit it either to the pro-Aegean civilizations or to a Mesopotamian country or maybe to Egypt. Capitalism is a Scottish,thus British,idea that was implemented by Americans in its fullest. The freedom of the press started by the Athenian freedom of expression of opinions but it came to the press when the Americans first implemented it after their independence

  16. I love how Grecians always talk about inventing democracy when it was only open to citizens and heavily uneven, and as though it didn't undergo over two millennia of alterations before making its way back to Greece.

  17. Religious colonisation is pretty trash imo. It gives you 1 follower, which won't last long if forward settling a hostile religion - and since most of the follower bonuses require district buildings, it's going to be ages before that gets any payoff at all.

  18. I'm not an expert but generally modern fortifications are on the smaller side. Carrying around all the materials to make a camp like the Romans did is basically asking for an artillery barrage to the face.

  19. Restoration, or as I like to call it, "fuck off stun lancers and/or berserker queen, your mechanics are not fun".

  20. I have read one 40k fanfic, it was a slashfic between a bored Wych who was tired of every debauchery imaginable and a sister of battle who begged the emperor to save her.

  21. Also here he says that Sam wanted to help as he was a cousin of Boris, implying it's a familial duty kind of motivation, whereas before he implied it was out of empathy having heard of Boris's money problems.

  22. So he introduced Boris to his own cousin? Next up he should introduce him to his children.

  23. Don't be a fool, only God and MI5 know how many children Boris has. You can't expect him to keep track of them!

  24. I'm naturally a right wing person but I'm about to donate to the Labour party based on how appalling this government is.

  25. It took you this long?? What, did you think the last 4 prime ministers were running a good administration?

  26. I spent like 30 turns getting Repanse to respawn by sacking the tomb kings, now she refuses to confed.

  27. I am fine, thank you! This is a relatively old comic I realized that I haven't shared. I personally think it's hilarious, but clearly the sub disagrees

  28. I think the Nazis appropriating Germanic myths, continued by modern Nazis, isn't super well known. It's also not made very clear by the "Hitler and Vikings being best buddies", which is phrased...oddly. even knowing that members of the Nazi party idealized Vikings, the Vikings obviously weren't friends with people that existed a thousand years after them, and Hitler had more of a generic made up mythology of his own. Himmler was the one who wanted to find Mjölnir iirc

  29. Germany doesn't have a large MBT stockpile. We sold whatever we could.

  30. Ok, and is Germany going to need them before they could build more?

  31. Far too many bosses have huge, hyped-up combos. There's no flow to the combat, it's just dodging until an opening arrives

  32. We actually have nearly as much xp than them this game

  33. Yes, but you have a good lane bully (alarak), a great offlane (falstad), and an incredible waveclear hero (junkrat)

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