1. The stickers don't match. I've had several come in and compared to the actual paint, they are different colors

  2. If you’re not a complete tweak about color it shouldn’t matter. The difference between the sticker and the paint itself is minuscule at its very worst

  3. Not having a great day but it was definitely nice to hit that one

  4. It’s okay, everybody has those days.

  5. Yeah that was clutch too. Haven’t seen where I’m at yet but if the packers stay within 7 I might end up saving face

  6. I always print the announcement that show the sales every month and hang it in the office. SW does a terrible job of advertising sales but they always announce it in the email

  7. Been running a store with only 2 people for almost a year now. No modified hrs allowed because our upper management are a bunch of greedy fucks

  8. If I didn’t need money to survive I would never even think about working

  9. The only thing parlayed here is the chiefs and over correct?

  10. Correct. Just the same game parlay of the Chiefs and the over

  11. Understood. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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