1. Yup! I have two docs named 'Chapter 1' and 'Chapter X', because I reallllyyy just wanted to write a scene I'm really excited about that takes place a little later on in my book. I'm going to have to eventually have to bridge them together, but I'm just latching on to whatever makes my brain happy with writing!

  2. I now have a chapter called 'Chapter Letter before X'. Because I can't be bothered to recite the whole ABC, to find out what comes before X!

  3. Yup! Going to self-publish it, after going through an intensive editting stage. It will be my first time editting something, so I'm kind of scared but also excited. I'm just really looking forward on refining the rough edges, cutting useless scenes, and ironing out crappy plotholes out. But I really want to polish my story after I finish the first draft!

  4. That kind of writing to me seems to be 'try-hard', where the author wants to impress the readers with their oh-so fancy words. It screams, 'Hey! Look at me! I have a wide vocabulary! I'm smart to know and also use all of these words!'

  5. Hi OP! This comment has been removed as unsolicited linking to fics (aka ‘using posts that are not deliberately asking for links’ as ‘an excuse’ to promote fics) is not allowed under ‘no promotion’ rule of the sub. Please refrain from doing it again.

  6. Here in the Philippines, we have something like that too. 'Ate' means big sister, 'kuya' means big brother. It can be used to anyone older than you, not just your siblings. Strangers, cashier workers, a passerby on the street that you need to speak to for directions, etc. It's very, very common here to call your siblings or any cousin older than you by 'Ate/Kuya' followed by their name, if that helps!

  7. L: “That shirt is not her color.”

  8. I have a scene where a character and his magical metal robot walk into an inn and request a room. It felt natural for the innkeeper to ask "One bed or two?". The robot doesn't sleep so he says one, and then the innkeeper acts all weird about it from then on.

  9. Jesus Christ, I see you Sonic. Where did you get all that momentum? Damn! Congrats for winning, I'm 1/5th of the way there. Hopefully I can catch up as quickly as well!

  10. EXACTLY, THAT'S MY SAME PROBLEM AS WELL! Fucking tenses! I know I should be consistent with them, but I keep switching from past to present. It's only now that I'm trying to correct this habit, since I didn't really care much for it all before Nanowrimo, but it's been bugging me everytime now.

  11. The very first thing that he knew of, as he was birthed upon this world, was the knowledge that he had died.

  12. Thank you too! I'm really fond of reincarnation stories, so this is the first line to kick things off!

  13. Yo! I'm on 6.1k words, I just took tried to bulldoze first day as much as I can so I can take it easier on the other days. You know, to get the hype in I have for day one to full benefit. I'm not sure how I'll be going the week onwards, but I want to start strong

  14. Honestly, sometimes pure spite or stubbornness can work. XD I have been in a writing slump for over a year, because being poor and disabled during a pandemic has a way of sapping creativity. I’m trying to use this year’s nano as a giant fuck-you to my depression by writing about a character I’ve had in me for over a decade, and just kind of letting him talk.

  15. This is a new take! I'm cheering for you on!!! Go utilize that spite, I don't have much spite or reason to have it right now, I'll be honest. Best wishes to your NaNo-piece!!

  16. Absolutely loved reading this all! It made me laugh a lot and giggle with your descriptions for things. Thank you! I'll keep it in mind and take what resonates :DD

  17. One day late, but I'm still replying. Absolutely terrified. At the same time, excited. This is my second go at Nanowrimo! Last year, I participated and only made it at day 9. Why? Because of a goddamn one miss in my streak and the habit of writing just kind of fell apart LOL. Only got to 12k words at that point sadly.

  18. Not always, but most of the time I find myself enjoying well-written OCs. Especially in Pokemon fandom they feel a natural part of the world.

  19. A 4 year-old noble kid instinctively knows a lot of information, from complex college level mathematics, what genetics means and entails, or how to cook a complicated dish. He doesn't know why and how, until he remembers his past life, and more importantly, he remembers how he died.

  20. A great example of doing it right, without and OP character, is ”The Weight Of It All”. The MC is an underdog almost all the way through but manages to pull through every situation, and relies heavily on friends and teamwork.

  21. Ascend Online and Light Online are the ones that embody this the most I think.

  22. Where can I read Light Online? I've been trying to find it, and I can't.

  23. ‘I am NOT The Hero’ on royal road! It’s basically MC saves his bro, his childhood friend from an isekai truck but ultimately failed, so they got isekaid together. The bromance here and their relationship is very fun to watch, they both compliment each other and all. MC, as the title says— Is not the summoned hero. Rather, his best friend is. But he accidentally came with him so now he got a custom class when MC had to choose a class.

  24. I tend to like the kinda stupid MC's more because my god the other things I've read where there was 'Intelligent, rational' MC's end up just being an averagely smart character getting called a genius because everyone else around them is dumb

  25. Depends, but all in all? I tend to avoid 'Cosmic, divine breaking, god-ascending' stories. I like my MC's from weak to strong, but man! The only stuff I could say I like are So I'm a Spider, So What? and Reincarnated as a Slime.

  26. As a worker for the Agency of Chronos, it was a pretty simple job to get used to.

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