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  1. That seems a bit steep to run diagnostic codes. Realistically to sit in a car with a scanner and pick through the faults should really only be one labor hour imo. I’d pull a Karen and just ask to speak to the service manager to see if they could shed some light as to why it’s so damn expensive.

  2. The only thing I can think of is they already looked at it and know it’s a pricey repair, so they are priming the pump to get me a little pot committed so I don’t just say f that and walk once they give me the estimate.

  3. I’d call another vw dealership like the other commenter said and just see what their diag fees are. That’s just outrageous in my opinion and until they can say it’s going against the final price Id play hardball. Best of luck homie

  4. I have a 93 4x4 KA24E and love it. Are there issues that constantly pop up that need to be addressed relatively quickly? Yep. Are there issues that can be addressed later? Also yes. It’s old and semi reliable for around town driving but I wouldn’t go too far unless it’s been taken care of really well and maintained consistently.

  5. I just got the southbend stage 2 daily and plan on installing it this coming weekend. Did a carbon cleaning recently and shortly after I started getting some slippage. Clutch is original at 125k mi so figured it was due anyways before I get a stage 1 tune myself.

  6. Have you decided what kit you’re going with? I’m looking to have mine done on my 13 soon; also at 130k miles

  7. I have a southbend stage 2 daily being delivered tomorrow. I’ve read a ton of good things about them and my brother has one of their clutches in his mk4 tdi that he likes. Wasn’t too expensive but adding on the other parts and fluids brought it to about $1800. I’m banking on not needing a rear main seal from what I can see under the bell housing so fingers crossed I don’t have to run get one with the trans pulled already.

  8. Yea I’m moving to the single mass flywheel they offer.

  9. Had the same thing happen to me the other day, fucker hit the glass so hard it killed him instantly prompting him to spray black bird shit all over the window and door.

  10. Timing chain, lifter tick, worn out bearings, seals, bushings and just basic stuff that has probably been neglected over the years. I got a 93 4x4 KA24E last year with 122k for $5k and this is mostly what I’ve been working on getting to. If you have the inclination, working on these isn’t too tough and parts are pretty cheap.

  11. I know nicoclub has a sub forum for turbocharging the KA24E and DE. I’ve seen a couple similar questions in the past and recall that it can be possible to not tune but it’s not really recommended. You may be able to find a piggyback tune or something to drop in and help with everything. Personally (and I may be alone on this) I probably wouldn’t boost it without upgrading injectors, getting a tune, and doing some preventative things to be safe and avoid more expensive issues down the road.

  12. Ya that’s sounds about right, I only want to do this if it will be just as bulletproof and reliable as my engine is now, I’m gonna run a compression test tonight to see where my engine stands

  13. If you want it bulletproof and cheap I wouldn’t recommend trying. It’s just too much risk with an old motor that isn’t built for boost. I entertained a vg30 or sr20 det swap but that’s getting on up there in price too and couldn’t justify that in this old of a truck and not being a fully equipped mechanic or shop.

  14. How exactly did you go about this? I want to do something similar for center arm rest and don’t want to get it upholstered

  15. My girlfriend used my moms sewing machine. The shape was easy to get I just traced the cardboard shape onto the fabric and cut it out then sewed it up leaving the top open then hand sew the top once it’s on the visor. For the mirror there is glue in one of the pics we used that glue to glue the mirror to the frame thingy we cut a hole in the fabric and then glued the mirror to the cardboard. You could glue right onto the fabric tho and save some hassle. It definitely isn’t perfect but it looks better than the last guys attempt at replacing the fabric on these it was stock material just cut way too big and like taped in place maybe it was from a different car or something.

  16. The problem is there’s no fabric for the center armrest. It’s some sort of peeling foamy type material which I feel like wouldn’t take glue well on its own. Sounds like I just need to mock up some fabric to cover it with and just start cutting and trying. Only sewing I’ve done in my life is patches on a vest so this may get interesting. Looks good dude appreciate the help

  17. Check out there were several motors on there when I was entertaining a swap. It’s like a database of wrecking yards and they usually grade their parts and whatnot.

  18. If you plan on modding I’d start with this recommendation. The mirror caps imo are too much blue and a nice carbon would help offset. The side markers are a big distraction from aesthetics and the swap isn’t bad at all. I’ve never purchased a vehicle with the warranty so I can’t help you there but i I hope you can enjoy the assurance and the car

  19. I can’t really get over how good it looks. The potential it has to be murdered out with blue accents is amazing. Excellent purchase and hope you enjoy it.

  20. Surprised it doesn't have a failed runner flap position lever...usually replace these for faults at same time as carbon cleaning with walnut blast.

  21. I’m just as surprised it hasn’t crapped out on me. Part of me wants to spend the money now and replace it and the non logical side of me says to buy new lowering coils instead and deal with the issue when it arises. Knowing my luck that would be right after everything gets put back together.

  22. I need to do this. How much of a pain was it to get the manifold off? Also, what are you using to clean the back of the valves.

  23. It honestly wasn’t that bad. I consider myself far from skilled but between the FCP Euro and Humble Mechanic videos it was pretty easy. Biggest thing was getting all the right tools for the job. I’ve got some liqui moly valve cleaner that I plan on soaking and scrubbing with zip ties and picks with gray scotch brite pads.

  24. You don’t need to set tdc to remove intake manifold

  25. I’ll need to set it for the valve cleaning itself. I don’t have the means for the walnut shell blasting so I need to soak them with cleaner and scrub them.

  26. Agreed, I’m far from an artist and have no say in anything regarding how people create but I would love to see required flair for AI instead of just posting it as OC. I guess technically it would be OC BUT that’s a loose technicality.

  27. Sounds like opening a claim with StockX is probably pointless then I imagine. I appreciate the insight

  28. Bought a 2016 6 speed with 124k a few months back cuz money, life, and I was tired of my 2.slow. Lots of people wouldn’t touch it but I have plenty of local vw buddies and some experience with doing my own maintenance in general plus I don’t commute for work. Really solid maintenance records via carfax and stayed local it’s whole life with no mods at all.

  29. One of the things, to my knowledge, that happened with the facelift was doing away with the base model. All the 7.5s have the Driver Assistance Package and DCC suspension. I don’t know if the 7 has Apple CarPlay, but the 7.5 does. Common complaint seems to be that the 2015 in particular has a bad infotainment setup and 2016 was improved. I’m pretty sure you can swap the 7.5 infotainment into the 7 unless I am misunderstanding the MIBII upgrade.

  30. My wife says it's all about the triceps and shoulders, sad too because my left arm and shoulder are rapidly deteriorating as a result of nerve damage in my neck.

  31. It’s rare to get actual laughs from Reddit anymore. It’s either incredibly derivative or stupid but god damn you are fucking hilarious. Keep up the great work and if you end up touring near me I’ll be there.

  32. I just pulled my dash and replaced the vents, foam around the dash/vent tube mating surface, cleaned a ton of stuff and replaced a bunch of lights. It was a bit of a task but not too difficult. My best advice is to take pictures and bag bolts, screws, and parts together with the trim or dash piece you pull out. Youcan probably do some or all of it without pulling the dash but it’s an old truck and the plastic is super brittle. It crumbled in my hands as I was trying to pull out the vents. It’d Be a pain to lose a piece into a vent tube and it rattle around. Also if you decide to pull the dash, I’d recommend having a friend to remove it from the cab.

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