1. subjective bad objective objectively better hurr gurr

  2. old pro dslr like the 5d2 (great ecosystem) and a prime (usable zooms will be out of budget)

  3. It’s really not if you are flexible. You can find a place to rent easily.

  4. using in game player condition to show when scripting occurs

  5. i've never had to shorten GDA strings, E strings i usually shorten a bit depending on brand

  6. seems like your typical free rosin that comes with VSOs

  7. both are good, choose the one you like better/fits your budget

  8. what world do you live where tofu is cheaper than eggs?

  9. Having what he needs instrument wise, so that it's not the source of frustration. I anticipate some frustration because learning an instrument is hard, or can be. So just making sure little things are there. Like, he likes building models- but he makes sure he has all the supplies he might possibly need before starting because he knows having to stop because of not having enough glue is going to really irritate him. He's a checklist kind of person, orderly- if that makes sense?

  10. Ideally, for him to stick with it thru at least high school, and possibly thru college. To offer him an outlet for moods. I don't know if that makes sense, but something to enjoy & use for a hobby (like how I paint or knit for anxiety), but also to feel good about his progress. His dad is much more musical than me, and played Sax in 1st chair into college and it helped him to make friends. So, I guess at an instrument level- for him to play well and to make it to higher levels. At a personal level- for him to enjoy & make like minded friends.

  11. private lessons are definitely required. 1 month of lessons will teach him more than years of 'orchestra lessons' which only teach general music and are detrimental to violin development

  12. Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with them? I still have a 2 port 13 inch 2019 MacBook Pro and it’s fine?

  13. it uses a keyboard and motherboard that are highly prone to failure, and no dedicated power button for hard restarting

  14. Not the most pleasant to hear, but it is mostly a tech diff 😅; up to a certain technical level it’s easier to punch up a mellow instrument than to tame a powerful one. And folks don’t get to think about projection unless they get plenty confidence and flex potential.

  15. play c# and d with the first finger, the f with the third finger

  16. Visiting shops and luthiers would be a great start. Also, 20-30k is all you really need for a 'totl' violin if you shop around and are patient

  17. Depends on location, ability and qualifications of your teacher, your current level

  18. “1.3 dolla” sounds like “over three” (gpa)

  19. it looks good enough to not try to fix with a diy hack job

  20. customer service isnt a useful job for your future career or postgrad applications, so itd be better to find something else. It’s not gonna disqualify you, but isnt gonna help you.

  21. I plan to get my applications done by March/April since the course starts in September. Is it really that big of a disadvantage to not be working in my field of study? My thoughts are that I can develop some people skills etc while also volunteering/interning at other places.

  22. dont really get how this is a choosing beggar, more like a delusional person

  23. define a nice job offer. hong kong would be more expensive than london for the same quality of life, for example.

  24. just put the hole of the ball into the hook (if it has one) or remove the ball

  25. unlucky morpheus is basically the only one i enjoy

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