1. practice the passage with open strings only

  2. i was able to get the vlm lower than kun bravo, solo, wolf, bon musica, everest, and a few more. go to a shop, thats where i tried all of these

  3. as long as the music is good, and the 'worse' headphones are quite a bit cheaper than the ones i own

  4. Allow me to suggest something for you to do. Do a run through but do it at half speed. I would recommend perhaps for the first time, doing it half speed with a metronome just so you don't get off the pulse. Do the full piece half speed and then perhaps increase it to 70%. Do it for 80%, for 90% and then at full speed.

  5. check out the zuckerman masterclasses on this piece , its one of the ones with good recording quality in a concert hall. they used to be on youtube now im not sure. he really emphasises the articulation and color changes

  6. It didn't post. My right shoulder and neck. I've been playing since May and had zero pain until a few weeks ago, when I upped the practice time to an hour - 90mins a day 5 days a week. I've gone back to 30min practices 4 days a week but it's still there.

  7. offline and online are two different games

  8. the best suggestion would be illegal for the person who proposes it

  9. this season and the last i broke my personal best by a large margin and want to retain it in my record, so i just clear the vs matches events

  10. This phase is particularly hard though, as it's 6 weeks long, compared to the usual 4 weeks in the past, which means you have to reach a much higher rating to get the same end-of-phase ranking.

  11. thats true, dropped from rank 8x in mid nov to now 2xx without playing a single game🫠

  12. I got 1900 rating today, should I try and push for 2000?

  13. if you feel like the script is going in your favor, go for it. i think i pushed from 1900 to just over 2000 in one very long session

  14. regardless, i suggest leaving passing and dribbling at zero (maybe passing at 4)

  15. was confused for a second ahahaha

  16. either way, you need dexterity for the balance and acceleration

  17. source: experience trying cheap dacs and reddit research

  18. Exactly. There's a bias both ways: both the "person with expensive gear doesn't want to admit their gear isn't as good as they think it is" bias but also the less-mentioned "person who doesn't want to buy more expensive gear wants to stay happy with what they have" bias. It is frankly impossible to objectively rate gear no matter who you are. Nonetheless, both biases are perfectly fine -- after all, the grail of audiophilia is being satisfied with your setup. Nonetheless, I still HATE when people, mostly Apple dongle fanboys, act like they're superior and more fiscally astute than everyone else because they read on Reddit that it "sounds the same as a $1200 DAC."

  19. thing is, im a apple dongle fanboi and dont own dacs/amps

  20. but dont they need separate (additional) qualifications

  21. I have seen the some of my posts are being deleted by the moderators i don t know why , i didn t break any rules.

  22. yea ive had all my posts related to my team/ranking deleted

  23. under 1k the xt3 and a7iii are hard to beat

  24. my guess is because of pro utility, and limitations in sound vs open backs

  25. not drinking or smoking has never been more acceptable lmao

  26. haven’t encountered any cheaters recently

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