1. Don't do anything. Many SD in Seeking are married and we seem to be perfectly fine with that. Why treating SBs differently? Also, perhaps her bf knows and he's ok with that...

  2. Approximately 1/2 of the women with whom I have an M&G and there is a mutual agreement to go forward are completely OK with intimacy that same day. Some just strongly hint at it. This has been happening to me for the last 1.5 years, so I do not think is a new thing (unless "new" means not taking place 5 years ago, of course).

  3. Thanks a lot. Do you think things will be open in these cities around 24/25 though? Or does everything shut and it's better to be in Madrid then?

  4. 24th is a normal day until, say, 6pm or so. Shops / businesses tend to close earlier than usual on that day. 25th is the opposite: many places closed and some restaurants / bars opening in the afternoon and evening. That will be more acute the smaller the village/city/town. National landmarks / museums will be closed in the 25th.

  5. Thanks! I inferred that. That's partly why i wanted to know what every effect does and in which case they are recommended...

  6. Your friend will probably be interested in the international baccalaureate. There are several schools offering it in madrid. A list (not sure how up-to-date) is at

  7. Interesante si que es. Hay exposiciones de sus inventos con los que puedes interactuar y una bobina eléctrica que hace canciones como la de star wars con la electricidad.

  8. Or a careful design to have you spend more time or looking for more videos while looking for part two...

  9. You can also set a predefined time in the day and give him your "undivided attention".

  10. Muy frustrante.... Mi empresa me paga las notas de gastos en efectivo y ahora en ING no se donde ingresar, asique acabo usando el truco de los ticket restaurante...

  11. Hay un cajero donde puedes ingresar ING cerca de la glorieta de embajadores.

  12. I don't date anyone with kids, under 25, over 35, with attitude issues, only fans accounts, snap score over a million. I tend to date within my culture. I will not date redheads under no circumstance

  13. Out of curiosity, what's wrong with redheads? Or is it just personal preference?

  14. Many opinions won't be objective and will be so personal that the site will have little overall usefulness, IMHO.

  15. Claro, aunque lo ideal sería no tardar más de media hora en llegar a la escuela, pero si abarata mucho el precio es algo que desde luego voy a tener en cuenta, gracias!

  16. Quizá hay en Akira (una tienda de cómics) o en X-Madrid, un centro comercial en Alcorcón.

  17. Aquí he visto que ponen clásicos como esta y tipo El Viaje de Chihiro (spirited away creo que es en inglés). Y luego estrenos importantes

  18. Por si alguien no lo sabe, en Netflix tienen mucho (¿todo?) lo de estudio Ghibli. Seguro que es mejor en pantalla grande, pero al menos es un sitio a donde acudir para verlas.

  19. Regarding the allowance: the way I approach this is to ask for a ballpark figure before the M&G to see whether the SB and me are in the same area. And I defer exact figures for the meeting.

  20. I'm the same, but 'exact figures' is after the M&G and we've gone home. The M&G is for determining compatibility and gives her time to think it over, instead of putting her on the spot at the M&G to make a decision.

  21. Yes, that makes sense. In my case, however, when there was an agreement, we always reached it during the M&G.

  22. If your passport allows you to enter Spain and you have a valid boarding card for your connection flight, i don't see why not. You can leave the airport transit zone as if your final destination was Europe, meet your friend in the airport and then go to your gate. I would however double check...

  23. You always should have your passport on your person when traveling abroad.

  24. Hum, I'm not really sure that is a good policy. Perhaps it's required by law in Spain (I'm not sure), but if you loose it you can face lots if troubles.

  25. Porque si tengo una llamada no quiero molestar a otras personas qué estudian o leen

  26. Ya. Eso tiene sentido, es verdad, y es considerado por tu parte. Pero me parece que hay en algunas bibliotecas salas de trabajo donde no hay reglas tan estrictas de silencio como en las salas de estudio de las bibliotecas. Igual alguien puede confirmarlo o desmentirlo?

  27. En Costco venden sacos de arroz bastante grandes, pero necesitas coche para llegar al supermercado (Getafe o Las Rozas) y ser socio. Para Makro, además, necesitas ser autónomo/empresa, como particular no puedes comprar allí.

  28. Y para comprar en Costco nevesitas hacerte socio y pagar una cuota mensual, así que no sé si te conviene solo para comprar algún producto en paquetes más grandes.

  29. Well, even the worst neighborhoods in Madrid will be safer than your city in the US. I (quite short and unintimidating woman) feel comfortable walking around and taking public transportation alone at night, even in quite skimpy clothes. General situational awareness is good, of course, but Madrid is very, very safe. The highest risk is for pickpockets. If you are wandering around in a tourist area, looking confused and talking loudly in English, someone might try to relieve you of your phone or wallet.

  30. Perhaps go to the mountains up north? It's likely more fresh. For example, close to Cercedilla there's a park called Amazonia with large zip lines that they may find nice. Check it out, and remember to reserve in advance. There are different levels of difficulty.

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