Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of September 24, 2022

Let's sip to good health and good company

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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I definitely want to work towards that for myself as well.

  2. I actually listen to music a lot, it helps some.

  3. what do you like man? I'm listening to country at the moment for the nostalgia factor -- parents liked it. bonus is i get to pretend to be an old time cowboy for a little while

  4. Dig the vibe. I like things that fall under the "metal" umbrella.

  5. oh nice. I like old metal like black sabbath, metallica, iron maiden, pantera and so on. love a heavy sound like thqt. Hope you find people with more similar tastes, could always try to convert people haha

  6. ooof. reminds me of when I accidentally bought canned salmon with bones included. so sorry, that is an awful feeling

  7. im gonna brag but i have read in search of lost time by proust. yes I need to prove myselfto internet strangers

  8. The only reason you feel the need to prove yourself to me right now is bc you told me that you’re too drunk to read two relatively short paragraphs hahaha. Then you went on to appropriately respond to them! You must have read enough to get away with just responding without me knowing!

  9. I mean gambling is supposed to be if you fucked up everyhitng else. Enjoy your work day brother

  10. Tim could make fun of his own self for a change, god knows the material abounds. Though I concede that Kump condescending to anyone about hard work is genuinely hilarious and ironic, as he struggles through one laborious breath after another

  11. No one knows what it menas, but its provocative. It gets the people going

  12. Ooh I've tried that one! Hard ciders are always too sour for me but I can understand the appeal. Good vibes to you friend

  13. It kinda built over time, but realizing how gay I was and how the world would see me really shot that into an overdrive. I don't give a fuck what the world says, I'm who I say I am. No, you move.

  14. Love that attitude lol -- I'm going to try to keep that mindset as well. Thanks for your thoughts, man.

  15. Don’t JADE - Justify, Argue, Defend, or Explain yourself. This is one of those times. It gets easier with time I think. And relationships where you’re appreciated for being butch seem to help, though I can relate to your experiences, heh.

  16. Good point, I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

  17. yess omg. I did that all through my teens tho and it was too much apparently. good to moderate, I suppose? but fully agree, a good high is killer. especially on a nice warm day with music and pretty nature

  18. Getting drunk alone is like machinegun jackhamering my bloodshot halfchub with my roided out doomfist to some FUCKED up porn. It's fun while i do it, but boy do i regret it after I'm done.

  19. sure, but the question of whether to value the present or future is complex. perhaps it's better to live for the now?

  20. You know those farts when it smells like you just pinched off a loaf and left it floating there? I call those airburst rounds

  21. member back in the buyd the dip days? drunk blackjackbuddy members

  22. As a new college student buying cheap microwavable meals that only sort of taste as-advertised, I have to disagree. Take my upvote

  23. The illusion of sanitation is everything, though. Buffets are gross in general if you think about it at all, just food sitting out and everything.

  24. I have not had Little Caesar's but I have had six beers and wish I could try some now. Pizza is pizza, quality be damned

  25. So unpopular, nice job. I just moved into an apartment and hate listening to my neighbors' music for hours long stretches if I can't be bothered to leave and go somewhere quiet. Ditto being woken up at 3 am because they're having sex loudly. I can't wait to get out of college and move to a house far from other people lol

  26. I agree with fellow commenters; your feelings, though generally similar to others', are unique. The sentiment probably refers more to the person having your back and being there to listen.

  27. Monet did the waterlilies! Sorry, just had to say that. He had a beautiful garden in Giverny, France, where he painted. I agree that his work is sublime and evocative. Though his later work is actually quite abstract, as he was going blind.

  28. My schizophrenic voices actually hype me up. “Sick ass fit bro”, “keep up the grind king”, “bro you can totally ask her out”.

  29. how's it sound like? like is it louder than your thinking voice or just different?

  30. Get itttt bro. Even tho Monday is international chest day. Cant wait in line for benches tho so I feel it

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