1. If it's Cook's they probably have dedicated CPS social workers. They are the premier pedi provider in the area, I imagine their ER gets a concerning situation every shift.

  2. I think it’s important to note that the family aren’t saying she’s been kidnapped or killed. They are saying keep an open mind.

  3. Also, Nikki has two small children. They probably don't want to latch onto such a grim outcome for the sake of the children.

  4. My friend and I went into the Scientology Center in Austin one summer day because it was air-conditioned and we were too broke to buy anything at a restaurant. There was a very cute guy trying to recruit us. I spotted a scam right away and tried to get my friend to go, but she had googly eyes for him and his smooth talk. He got her number and fucking scientology called her mom's house phone for years. They probably still call whoever owns that number now.

  5. Is there any word on the PA search warrant being released?

  6. The NY Times may have requested it under FOIA. We'll see I guess.

  7. And how about “2 top and bottom of mattress cover packaged separately”? Why does it specify how they were packaged? Wouldn’t every piece of evidence have been packaged separately? Or does it mean BK had packaged them and that’s how they were found and collected?

  8. Exactly. I've been wondering the same. Why do no news reports address this? It makes me nuts.

  9. I think you beat me to posting this. Such a tense moment.

  10. Okay it looks like initially it came out around December 6th. The gas station footage came out around 16th. So if school ended 9th, this dude hightailed it out of there asap before things got too involved with the vehicle. Makes sense.

  11. CNN is reporting that LE tracked him across the country to PA

  12. The menu is on the restaurant’s website. It’s definitely not a strictly vegan restaurant. The menu says you can ask about “vegetarian and vegan options”.

  13. Supposedly he was "obsessively vegan" & wouldn't eat food that was cooked in pans that had once cooked meat. I can't imagine a person like that eats at a restaurant

  14. I just listened to Serial season 1 again and have been obsessively perusing

  15. Crime Weekly on you tube recently did a multi part deep dive on Adnan.

  16. I'll Be Gone in the Dark is terrifying, tbh. That it's true is the most frightening thing about it.

  17. I used to work for a company that serviced a company where Mr Dean used to work at. One of the ol timers there told me when He (Dean) said he was going to be a cop no one there thought he would ever get accepted. Then when the heard he was the one involved in the shooting it didn’t surprise them one bit

  18. Did he specify why he thought Dean wouldn't be accepted? Dr said on the stand that he had narcissistic behaviors.

  19. Was he evaluated, this said, and then hired? Cause if so he has a law suit against them for placing him in the job. If this was after the event then it’s hearsay.

  20. He appealed this guy's negative evaluation. According to this psychologist, the appeal consists of a hearing with a panel of three. Three psychologists I guess, but I don't remember what he said, tbh. Anyway, he was approved at that stage.

  21. "Las Vegas Clark County Library District" also has a non-resident library e-card for FREE. You can check out (at the same time) up to 50 audiobooks or ebooks or a mix of both but the max is still 50 combined.

  22. Say her name. Denisha. She did everything right, and still. I hope her poor family is able to find some justice for this soldier. They must be torn up.

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