[OC] Had my facial reconstruction surgery 2 months ago. Was called Megamind, Ken Griffey Jr, Jimmy Nuetron, etc etc. 8 weeks later and feeling a lot more confident in how I look 😊

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  1. Biologics are the way to go. I have no restrictions. I do have brain fog but don't know if it's the Embrel or menopause.

  2. For me it was like someone flipped a switch. No wonder I had such low self-esteem, no wonder I also felt disregarded, to these people I AM worthless. They truly don't care. I walked away from them all. 15 years later, no regrets.

  3. Did you ever feel like you had a decent relationship with any of them? Or was it always bad? Did they try to have other family members reach out to you to say your making a big mistake?

  4. The last few years I thought we were closer than normal sisters could only hope to be. She was lying to me, manipulating me and stealing from me the entire time. It wasn't always bad. Wasn't always good. No one reached out. I changed my number and moved out of state not long after. This was before everyone had online presence. I've never had a book of faces account, so reaching out wasn't an easy task. Besides my mother and sister were quick to spread thier lies. Edit to add. After a few months my favorite Aunt reached out and said she understood why I needed to leave but didn't understand why she was included. She is my rock. My mom like person. She is my moms sister.

  5. After we graduated college, we were definitely much closer and didn’t argue as much, but there was still a lot of my sister yelling at me and trying to control my life. My mom would always reach out and take my sisters side. I haven’t gone home enough in the last 6ish years to feel like I have anyone left that I’m close to or feel comfortable enough to talk to so that doesn’t really bother me anyway.

  6. No, never had a successful pregnancy. I truly understand your feel. Saying that, I also know that you won't repeat your onw mom's mistakes, you'll probably over compensate. I'm 51. I still wish my mom loved me enough to find a way to like me. I wished she missed me. I wish she respected me as her daughter, hell even a person. I know she loves me, in her way, but enough bad things happened to me that I went to her for help for that she just ignored that I had to learn to love myself better. Still working on that. I still ached to be liked by her. If it wasn't for my Aunt I'd have no idea how a parents love felt. Hold tight to your partner, sounds like a good man.

  7. I'm 50 and haven't spoken to her in 15 years. My mental health requires it.

  8. That boobs are not just fat. Heard that since I was a 13yo C cup to a flat chested mother. No, I wasn't overweight.

  9. My work hadn a specialty drink called the Switchblade. Had a man once order his first drink with me as 'another Switchblade cuz I got me one already' and showed me a knife on his hip. Cool dude. I don't care. He was creepy. When they left, guess what was on the floor under thier table? My line cook was happy with his present that night.

  10. Adopted, rescued, found. Any breed so long a you did not purchase it.

  11. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to post this heartfelt message. I appreciate you.

  12. Commenting so I can save this wonderful list and read all of these books 💜 thanks to everyone for all the recommendations!!

  13. Maya was a beautiful dog who loved you and the life you gave her. From on broken heart to another, fuck cancer.

  14. THANK YOU! Thank you! For posting those links. Loved those articles. Hit me in all the feels.

  15. I keep some sort of cutting object in my purse at all times. Mostly use thread snips, as they don't require my fingers to fit into anything.

  16. Respecting your self, boundaries and mental health is never the wrong decision in my opinion. No contact brought a sense of peace to my life that I would have never known existed otherwise.

  17. This hit right in the feels. When I choose to separate from my family it was when I realized that they truly didn't value me. My sister once argued with me that I was mad that I wasn't first on everyone's list. I said no, that's not the case at all. I don't expect to be first on anyone's list, I'd just like to know that I'm on that list somewhere. She said I expected too much. This is conversation took place when I found out my grandmother died, six weeks before and no one told me. I live out of state. Six weeks. My mother or twin sister couldn't be bothered to inform me someone I loved had died. Couldn't pickup the phone once. This was over 20 years ago, before text. So glad I am no longer around those people.

  18. Not knowing what caused your ptsd or why you are so low contact it's hard to find fault with thier letter. They reached out and very politely asked to be in your life. I say give them a chance. Set up your boundaries and do what you are comfortable with. I built walls around me, I needed to to survive. After some time, think years, I started putting doors in those walls to let certain people in. It can be healing.

  19. A dog. I'm 50yo. Have lived aloneost od my adult life. Didn't get dogs till I was 42. Never felt safer.

  20. I took Xanax 19 years ago. While on plaquanil. I now take Lexapro. No problems with Enbrel.

  21. Goodwill is now hit or miss. Used to be that the donations from Oro Valley stayed in Oro Valley. Now all donations go to a central location and the name brand stuff goes to their online store or their high end clothing boutique on Oracle. Used to find high end hiking shirts for $5 in Oro Valley and it’s been 3-4 years since I’ve been able to find a good steal.

  22. I hate hate hate that they do this. Part of going to Goodwill,for me, is finding fantastic deals on name brands I couldn't typically afford. No, I don't want to pay $4 for a used $3 Walmart top.

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