1. Fucking boomers voting against their own fucking interests.

  2. This guy is no Kung fu master. What makes him a master? The costume, long hair and mustache? That’s not enough! First time kung fu students are shown stances and blocks. This guy couldn’t block a slow mo haymaker.

  3. I like to explain it to my wife like a dress. There's the cut of a dress, and then there's the fabric of the dress.

  4. You do realize he’s a mod of this sub, right?

  5. Remember: "I'm sorry" without changed behavior is just manipulation

  6. Gym Jordan is already on the record as saying he doesn't understand how legislation could help.

  7. It’s so strange. How about legislation that gives local officials charging decisions on cop misbehavior? Handle it like the fucking NFL does and review the footage automatically rather than behind closed doors with grand juries that can’t discuss cases?

  8. For everyone else covering up felonies is actually a felony. It makes it a conspiracy and makes you an accessory to the crime in question.

  9. "I don't support the indoctrination of minors. when did I transition? as a minor. but I am a real one, so it is not woke indoctrination."

  10. She probably didn't transition until she was an adult because as a kid she didn't have any options. If she's still towing the Republican line I'd guess there's at least one failed marriage under her belt because she tried the cishet life.

  11. (I apologize for this and I'm only pointing it out for future reference - it's "toeing the line", toe as in the toe on your foot, not tow as in taking the line and pulling it.

  12. As someone who's loved naval fiction, I'm actually aware of it. It comes up frequently in the Hornblower series. I'd like to apologize to you.

  13. I wonder how many of those tip options on debit card purchases even end up going to the employees. I suspect not many.

  14. I know for a fact there's been several places my wife and I frequented where the tips did not go to staff.

  15. They're endangered so it's very unlikely as private citizens owning endangered animals is usually not possible. My college had a special program raising them for release into the wild as we're a coastal community with a relatively large diamondback terrapin population nearby. The county, state, and local LEOs knew to call us if they spotted a dead turtle on certain stretches of highway. We'd get calls to come out at all hours of the day and night and search roadside victims to see if they could be saved and if not see if there were eggs that could be recovered.

  16. They've been upgraded to vulnerable sometime since I was in school a decade ago. That means they're still in the threatened class so you still won't be able to own one without specialized licensing.

  17. This event is notorious in Georgia. I live in Savannah and people still talk about this anytime traffic in Atlanta comes up. It had absolutely no impact on the posted speed limits on the perimeter (I-285 & connecting roads).

  18. The city got the lamp posts greased up yet?

  19. It’s gotta be Green Truck for me. I still have yet to find a better burger anywhere and I’m a burger guy.

  20. It's not me. But I like reminding everyone that the entire Zunzi's "corporate culture" is based on the guy at Blue Door.

  21. United States of Scandinavia is hilarious.

  22. Why wouldn't they be included as part of Europe?

  23. Weird how “patriot” seems to be synonymous with “dumbass” these days.

  24. My grandfather had a flagpole. Much like a lot of people, I should say, my grandfather served in WWII. Every day my grandfather went out and raised his flag. Every night he went out and took it down. I always thought when I got my own house I'd like to do that. It's a ritual from my childhood that connects me to my grandfather. The ritual of it connects me to the culture of the country. Our basic and imperfect promise, which we've never achieved is something I do believe in. There's this terrible confliction between the idea of connecting with my grandfather and being associated with the prevailing connotation of a "true patriot."

  25. It boggles my mind at the absolute confidence of these muffheads...whilst being wrong. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

  26. It terrifies me. In my bones. My wife asks me why I'm constantly looking stuff up when we disagree about something. She says I'm doing it to rub her nose in it with my sources. Fuck, no. I'm doing because I'm forever terrified of being confidently incorrect.

  27. I'm the same way but on the rare occasion I do get rid of something I've held onto for a long time without using it . Shortly after I got rid of it that's when an opportunity came up I could have used it. Never get rid of anything.

  28. I always ask my wife when she's planning on throwing me out whenever she complains about something being old. I'm not forty yet, but I'd just like to know how long I have.

  29. i wonder how much cocaine was needed to think this up

  30. Not as much as was consumed during production.

  31. Not for nothing, but this feels like drop in the bucket money for senatorial campaigns? Like, if someone came up to me and offered me that much money, I'd be super stoked, but do we think that's even enough money for the candidates listed here to have any idea they even received this money?

  32. Often that amount buys time, or access, where subsequently the 2 have a lunch meeting or similar, and some type of quid pro quo is arranged. That's the real deal. So, yeah, these amounts are kind of token, they're just price of admission to negotiate something further.

  33. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Not for a US Senator. Maybe a freshman Rep, but there's no way a senior US Senator cares enough about that to have a private lunch. That's the cost a ticket to a group "private function" where the candidate shakes the hand of a hundred people in a museum.

  34. You can't convince me you didn't pry these directly off the corpse of some poor Wall-E unit you killed! You sick bastard!

  35. My deepest self was continually conflicted. Finally, in 2016 I had a breakdown of my whole construct of belief and reality. It was terrifying because I had to completely reorient myself and it's been a slow process. Logic wins once you face those damaging thought processes and expose them for what they are....control through fear and oppression. Never again.

  36. I once dated a girl who cried after orgasms the first few times. She was so torn up with guilt. We weren't even having sex. But she was convinced any "below the belt stuff" before marriage meant a ticket straight to hell. She also enjoyed it, and I think that's where the tears started. It was super awkward. I guess if I was a true believer with sexual urges but also not ready to get married I'd be a little fucked up too.

  37. Came to say. Dude's got good hands for someone of any age.

  38. Then again Libertarians as a movement also shifted further right when historically they were considered left because they hated government.

  39. I got to libertarian before the tea party had fomented. My family is all conservative, more radical now than they were when I started to drift. So I grew up claiming Republican, but just a kid unable to vote or anything. In college I drifted into the libertarian label with the basic socially liberal, government should just leave people alone mindset. When the tea party started to reveal that the other folks were not actually interested in any kind of equality it started me reading about the differences between equality of opportunities and equality of outcomes. Another turning point was a friend linking me two different articles, one article was an essay on disabilities

  40. When you hear someone describe themselves as a Libertarian today, what's the first thing in your mind?

  41. Whiny, privileged, white folks who want the government all up in everyone's business but theirs.

  42. Fucking comment stealing bots are everywhere.

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