1. ‘ETrade will close the short position’ - does that mean, Etrade will cancel the position for hedge’s so that no big loss, or they will force close buy buying in the market price. Since crime is prevalent, it might be 1st option - I am sure there will be sec policy to support it. In case of 2nd option, how can E*trade buy and close in the current market if hedges have no collateral?

  2. Not True, it was accidentally caught crime; we have several crimes in the market and need find accidents!

  3. With all the money MM’s and HF’s made, this is a drop in the bucket. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t just settle the bill when the price is the lowest.

  4. They might be playing trick; if they buy when price is low, price will go up and all will FOMO in buy too and price might reach out of control in a week span. Instead they continue to short and get price low now and on final few days they might scoop all of sudden, as most of may be selling on 12th?? It might be tricky

  5. Or, they might already be scooping in dark pool; we may be bag holders as usual because of crime ?

  6. But the insurance now (best available price), then buy your car. On Monday or Tuesday, buy another cheapest insurance and cancel other expensive one. So essentially you will have expensive insurance for 1 or 2 day

  7. I buy into Sears via 2L bonds since the share restriction.

  8. Not very savvy trader to know how 2L bond would work and how buy those bonds. Much appreciate any tips and directions.

  9. I buy them on Interactive Brokers. You'll have to activate the option to trade bonds on your account first. They're most certainly available on other platform too. The ticker is SHLDQ3694893 and the CUSIP 812350AE6

  10. Thanks for your response and let me see if I have that option after enabling option trading. Thanks

  11. What is investment chunks 5k, 10k or 50k,100k chunks

  12. No...I contributed 6k into this account...the rest is gains

  13. Once you gotten the gain, what was/is your investment chunks ? Do you execute multiple chucks in parallel / diff tickers? What sort of options - call and puts too ?

  14. Shorts did not expect GME to moon on Jan 2021, this time they probably know the apes power; they may go crazy. This time they can not (May not!) eliminate the buy button, let us hope for the best

  15. My educated guess is yes. 45 million shares traded, with an offering of 2.45 million shares. Fintel showing 8.6 million shares short, which I believe is from Thursday’s volume in the unlit ( dark pool ) markets. Friday’s shorted volume is atleast 10 million based on buy/sell ratio ( 36 million shares traded at a 2:1 ratio, 24 million bought, 12million sold, leaves a difference of 12 million shares ). Total short shares created is close to 20 million shares or 700% short interest. I’ve stated my case.

  16. HKD had good energy for couple days, do you think GCT run high early next week ?

  17. Thanks. Looks like trading started today and did not go that much up? May be tomorrow, I will buy some tomorrow

  18. It went up over 20% today no? That’s pretty significant for the first day and people couldn’t trade it on all brokerages yet

  19. I was planning to invest some tomorrow early, thinking that it was listing day - Aug 19th and surprised to see it is already traded today. Will invest tomorrow morning. Thanks

  20. Yes, same scenario I am in; I have transferred all accounts (I have some in personal) to my firm, which has brokerage business. I did not transfer from CS, instead I moved those under my LLC account

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