1. Not really a useful data point…too small a sample size.

  2. Isn’t a data point, by definition, a sample size of 1?

  3. This is a good move. I just called to complain about their insane surcharges ($4.47 surcharge for a $5 Apple Watch plan!!). Thinking about leaving as well… which one did you go with?

  4. Great concert last night!! Also, based on comments here I had the impression that the GA lawn seats are bad… not true at all— good view of the stage and could hear the music just fine.

  5. Did you read the book? It’s pretty short, but may be worth looking at for some good frameworks to help answer your questions.

  6. “Die with Zero”… you can get it from the library for free. It talks about how to spend money to maximize fulfillment across different life stages… it’s about providing happiness for you and others while you are alive (rather than amassing a huge pile to leave them when you are gone).

  7. Check out In Gamba tours… I’ve heard good things.

  8. If you have too much pressure on your palms, try moving the saddle back a little.

  9. Just did this— thank you. Will test it tomorrow.

  10. Check the forums though… if power goes out, it has been causing units to get stuck in boot mode. There doesn’t seem to be a fix and Rachio sends out a new unit.

  11. This has happened to me twice now, even with a surge protector. It's ridiculous. For me, it's time to get a refund and find an alternative brand.

  12. Please post on wheat brand you decide on. I’m on my 3rd Rachio unit and agree that this is getting old.

  13. Thanks for all the ideas! Much appreciated. Should have mentioned that I did this using DVDs, so don’t have Beachbody On Demand.

  14. It’s a 2” receiver ..: what kind of rack are you trying to fit?

  15. X3 is great. Today was day 6 of week 5 for me, and I already love it way more than P90X, which I was crazy about for a few years. Original X is wonderful, a truly top tier home exercise routine. X3 is a bit more refined in that in order to make the videos 30 minutes long they really had to come up with effective compound moves that help pack more into a shorter time frame.

  16. I tried p90x years ago and I don’t think I made it past week 4.

  17. Bob’s donuts between 1am and 4am, FTW.

  18. I’ve had this as well and unfortunately sometimes there isn’t an easy fix. What I’ve tried that’s helped:

  19. Tell people you are a self-employed consultant.

  20. No rest days? I just finished my first week of x3 and really sore. Took a bike ride today (day 7 = rest).

  21. NP59 says:

    Riding an old (10 years?) Specialized Allez. I shortened the head years ago because of elbow issues so I’m used to the more upright position

  22. I think you’ll like the Roubaix… but if you can, check out the Aethos as well (it sits between the Roubaix and Tarmac).

  23. NP59 says:

    I’m reading about the ultegra di2 on some Roubaix. Worth seeking out the ultegra di2 vs just ultegra? Seems supply is even worse with the di2

  24. It’s a pricey upgrade to electronic shifting and I like it, but if it’s just mechanical than I would choose 105 over ultegra (if I lost 0.5 lb that would more than make up the weight difference!).

  25. One other element to consider is that when you buy, you lock in your housing costs. As a renter, you are exposed to rent hikes and the Bay Area continuing to get pricier. From a portfolio perspective, real assets are a good inflation hedge.

  26. It says it right the title “Scam Red eTap”. They had a typo with the “r”. 😄

  27. It cant be end of metaverse which what the company is calling themselves.

  28. Apple doesn’t sell apples… just sayin’

  29. So we're going to have a Las Palapas to go with our

  30. This will have at least one more palapa.

  31. I would stay close to work… if you live in Menlo or Atherton, you can avoid getting on the highway which is terrific. Schools are very good there as well (used to live in there).

  32. Thanks for this. Can you elaborate why RWC is not something high on your list? I have also heard mixed things but it feels like it’s the most natural place to look if we can’t find anything in Menlo.

  33. Sorry— typo on my part; that last item should have been Redwood Shores.

  34. I think it would be interesting if they found a way to acquire Hydrow and also strava. One stop solution for indoor and outdoor fitness.

  35. Co-dependent? No milkshakes, but coffee and booze.

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