1. Damn! I bought a poster and this shirt, the shirt was shipped 4 days ago, the poster was shipped 12 days ago and still no news!

  2. quality is fantastic! very soft and true to size tho if u have breasts on the bigger size the chest is a bit tight but after wearing it for awhile i don’t notice it anymore

  3. Thanks for the reply, I'm very excited, my very first Ween merch ever. I feel like I will wear it every time I go out of home

  4. i love that so much, it’s my first too! i had an old 1997 ween tour shirt i stole from my mom as a teen but she took it back 😭 this one is mine

  5. might as well get for the alliance on the other side

  6. ha, i was actually thinking maybe the Priest class symbol!

  7. The good ones are called Ween fans. The annoying ones are called Phish fans.

  8. kendall for sure. fierce af. i rly like kim’s wings tho

  9. 4 days in and i’m really enjoying it. bud tastes better and i feel like my hits are going a lot further. i get higher faster/with less. i wasn’t sure at first but i do recommend. only downside for me is smoke will come out the top so make sure no fans are running and i don’t like the buzzing noise lol.

  10. I’ve never used a device like this before, but if it tastes like it’s going stale, the temperature may be too hot.

  11. i finally messed around with the temp a bit and it’s much more enjoyable now. thanks again.

  12. Number one, Egg is gorgeous. Number two, how did Egg get the name Egg?

  13. silly story! we had just rescued him and my partner and i were in our kitchen talking about names, Egg was laying at my feet. partner spouted off a few names and then i asked, “can we name him Egg?” pretty immediately partner was like, “no, you can’t name him Egg.” very jokingly i got all huffy and stormed out but not before yellin, “come on egg, we dont need this”

  14. I swear, every time I manage to forget my craving for this after seeing it in my feed, someone else makes it again. Maybe it’s a sign that I should just bite the bullet and give the recipe a go.

  15. i saw the recipe a couple weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it 😭

  16. Just to clarify do you pour cream and maracapone together and the whip OR whip cream, add marscapone and whip some more?

  17. i’ve done it both ways and get the same result! also the mascarpone is room temp!

  18. Apologies for prying, did you adopt egg with three legs, is there a story?

  19. yep, he came that way! i have no idea how he lost his leg but his story of how he came to us is a little wild.

  20. Am I tripping or is your dog missing the right arm ?

  21. this is so cute lol i had no idea jennifer was so funny

  22. I just know your drywall is moldy under the paint with all of that humidity

  23. i haven’t had any problems with mold yet but i’ll keep an eye out, thanks for the tip!

  24. Wait is this your real room because I saw this on a meme IG page earlier haha

  25. i saw that lol it’s wild to me, but yes it’s mine!

  26. I’ve had the LBC burger twice and I found it to be one of the best burgers in Lawrence. Both times we went the service was good, food was solid, nice enough atmosphere.

  27. I have ordered several hamburgers from them and never once had this experience.

  28. “this never happened to me so you must be wrong about what happened to you” type shit lmao 🙄

  29. Really? They were just in my town interviewing a guy who is obsessed with tuna cans, tho.

  30. Don't get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.

  31. Don’t get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.

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