1. It’s not over, you cunt. This will stay with you for the rest of your life, and that’s the least you deserve. Get the fuck out of Manchester United.

  2. Didn’t listen to the tape. I think the club might look to get him some kind of help. I don’t know. Perhaps the tape would make it different but I think he needs psyche help to deal with all the trappings that come with fame.

  3. Would have found a commentary rating good on this game. It could have been brutal like the Ref and VAR rating.

  4. Absolutely appalling from the pair of them. I never knew that the verb “to slip” meant “to get shoved over by an outstretched arm.”

  5. I used to think that way but it really grew on me.

  6. I’ve tried and tried but I just can’t be doing with it. Along with “Strange World” and “Running Free” it’s one of the weakest tracks on the debut for me.

  7. Can't stop laughing at the idea of British police trying their best

  8. Yeah, the same police who employed a rapist and murderer literally nicknamed “The Rapist” and a serial rapist in the same squad. Really high recruitment standards.

  9. A hell of a lot more than that. If I was to be paying that much for a special edition of an album it better bloody include vinyl.

  10. Yes. It’s the peak of Rockstar as a games company, a company which has traditionally been the peak of gaming with each major release. And RDRII probably always will be their peak, given what kind of company they appear to have turned into following its release.

  11. And you'd probably think Floyd was a comedy band if you'd heard Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict first.

  12. Yeah, totally, if they’d released that obvious joke song as a single with an accompanying music video. Claypool chose those songs to advertise his band to the world, and that’s on him if people think it’s shit because of them.

  13. No need to convince me otherwise. I made my mind up about you with first impressions only.

  14. Yeah, you’re just like the people I used to live with.

  15. But, am I poor, or do I already have tuns of money fame and fans already? Cause thats not quite a fair comparison. Besides what your describing is what James did. Dave showed him spider chords, they kick Dave out the band, and James and crew gets famous off of someone else's shit. They even straight up stole a few of his songs. Come to think of it, didn't lars steel the name Metallica from a magazine?

  16. Boy, I wish I had the confidence of somebody as consistently wrong as you.

  17. I feel ya. Have you heard 1916? That one almost makes me cry everytime as well

  18. I've never bought a video game soundtrack but yeah, I'd def listen to Ocarina of Time on wax for sure!

  19. That’s literally the only video game soundtrack I’d ever pay money for.

  20. No, apart from being great music, it’s all about nostalgic memories, and sadly I didn’t play a Monkey Island game till I was in my twenties (never had an Amiga, Atari ST etc).

  21. That sucks. I thought you guys had decent transportation infrastructure over there. A pint for that cost here isn't bad. I quite drinking a few years ago, but the last beer I bought at a show before that was $13 for a pint.

  22. The infrastructure is fine, but the Tories privatised the rail service about 30 years ago, so it’s all owned by private companies who charge an arm and a leg for tickets because people have no other option. It’s more expensive to get a train from Manchester to London than it is to fly to Tenerife.

  23. That's good to know. My niece is trying to figure out how to move to London. We're in Denver where the cost of living is ridiculous so it's probably not that big of a change for her.

  24. Ah, I love Denver, I spent some time there when I was younger, with a girl who changed my life.

  25. I don’t use the word “hero” very often, but you are the greatest hero in Dutch history.

  26. “Now, if you don't mind, I'd hate to spoil such a beautiful afternoon on such beautiful land with any further unpleasantries.”

  27. Why can't they bring the first red dead to PC? I'm about to buy a series x and a copy for the 360 just to play it again, when rockstar could have my money instead.

  28. No need to buy a Series X when you could get a 360 for next to nothing.

  29. United being run like how I used to run my N64 when I was a kid: renting games because we couldn’t afford to buy them.

  30. I remember in the dio documentary someone said (don't remember who, so many great people in it!)

  31. I’m glad Dio didn’t write “Since You’ve Been Gone”, I fucking hate that song. Give me “Rainbow in the Dark” or “Heaven and Hell” any day.

  32. I don't think it's a bad song, its just not as intense and hard-hitting as Dio's songs with rainbow. After he was gone they were a completely different band with different goals and different things to sing about

  33. I just never had any time for that weak, overproduced soft rock stuff. Journey, Foreigner, Boston, Graham Bonnet-era Rainbow etc. Never moved me in the slightest, except to turn it off.

  34. You're getting downvoted, I'm positive 90% of the people on this sub never even watch Bergkamp play. Truly a special player

  35. He wasn’t better, but he was fucking great. Bergkamp is the only player from a rival club that I’d have loved to see at United.

  36. Dimi was supremely talented but insanely inconsistent. I'm really curious to know ow how many people here commenting were around back then and watched him week in week out.

  37. I was. They called him lazy but he moved when he had to. I’d still take him over most of the strikers we’ve had since.

  38. An important thing nobody’s said: don’t wear a Metallica shirt to the show. Of course you like Metallica, you’re at a Metallica show. Wear a shirt of another band you like so people know what kind of shit you’re into besides Metallica.

  39. Was anybody around for the days of the Britney/Metallica mashup on Napster?

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