We had a 70’s-themed dinner party last night. The food was not as great as one would think.

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  1. “The food was not as great as one would think”….. trust me. Nothing looks great. The best looking thing on that table is the veggie tray. The 70’s was a strange time.

  2. The salami olive cheese crackers can’t be bad

  3. I had a similar injury when I was about that age as well. Pretzel rod to the eye, and the doctor literally said it looked like I had been shot in the eye with a paintball. My left eye is only semi dialated though and has weaker vision

  4. I’m old, played for decades and watched soccer for even longer and I hadn’t heard of this tactic until this tournament and I don’t know what it’s supposed to do. It’s not like they’re putting on a green in golf.

  5. Agreed, maybe if they messed up the spot where the plant foot lands instead of where the ball sits it would make a difference

  6. ... Binotto obviously wasn't perfect, but Ferrari really should give the next team principle more time and more importantly trust. This isn't going to help in the process of rebuilding the team at all.

  7. How could you trust binotto after he massively fucks up week after week and never admits it once

  8. Swiss turn it over every time near the box instead of playing a service in

  9. That co-pilot sounded very calm for the situation. Great that he landed safely.

  10. Did you fish tail or was there a concrete barrier in the middle of the lane?

  11. Too good looking to use as an actual cutting board

  12. That Aston Martin looked like wrestling a boat around the track

  13. Bald fraud in the pit lane! We have bald fraud in the pit lane!

  14. You can tell by the splintering on his previous cuts that this guy sucks at his job

  15. 140k and no alcohol? Suuure

  16. $140K dinner for 20 people? does that sound reasonable?

  17. $7000 a person, there’s no way that is possible without alcohol

  18. It's crazy that he is more interested in a social media company than Tesla and SpaceX

  19. He’s a narcissist who needs to constantly have attention on him, it makes sense

  20. This Twitter nonsense is noise. If you did your due diligence and your fundamental model of the company has not changed, then you should be rock solid in your investment. Take a break from the internet and all the social media garbage that causes a lot of FUD and you will be fine. It will do some good to unhook from all the negativity surrounding this anyway.

  21. Teslas 50% growth is not a guarantee anymore, the brand image is being destroyed which will potentially have a huge impact on sales growth, between the removal of features in cars and a huge increase in competition, tesla is no longer the obvious choice

  22. I guess some people were calling him out for the legal situation he’s found himself in. He then proceeded to go in on a Twitter gambler named SwiftHitter. A lot was said and it was pretty vulgar both ways to say the least. Calling this guy a fat fuck and what not.

  23. Wish our current one would focus more on Tesla and less on social media and his reputation.

  24. You mean on destroying his reputation? The past 12 months he really exposed himself

  25. Lady in the stands, with a very loos-fitting dress.

  26. The only choice was to yell WTF, take a picture, drive away, park, and post on Reddit.

  27. If you park on the left side of the asshole, the cord should reach

  28. Gary is such a scrub. 3.5? Pshhh

  29. Yep, first season will be completely booked out but from there who knows

  30. First two seasons, then his offspring will be starting to race and train


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