AITA For Asking My Friend For a Piece of Chocolate?

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  1. If you're shocked by any of this I suggest you check how these people (or their predecessors) reacted when people of color started arming themselves. It's not cognitive dissonance, it's hypocrisy.

  2. Obviously, you're new here. There is no shortage of dumb comments. Make a post saying you support Trump, and you will get hundreds of comments saying you are racist. My original comment stands. If you think it is stupid, then maybe you should work on stopping white liberals from using the suffering of minorities to advance their cause and calling everyone who disagrees with them racists.

  3. Why do you vote Republican? What has the GOP done for you?

  4. no im sorry i didnt understand as i have been messsaged by WAY to many people who want to troll me for a obviously accurate situation.... i am far from AH i put my dump where it belongs lol

  5. Oh gosh! I'm sorry! That was not directed at you! That was a response to the numerous complaint person. She (?) made a comment saying that she was "busy" and to leave her alone. I thought that was rude. Again, I'm sorry that I made you think it was about you!

  6. Because there are a lot of racist bigots in this world. There are a lot of miserable people who need a reason to feel superior to others. They meet like-minded people, organize, and feed off each others' anger. It grows and spreads from there.

  7. Acting out the homosexual desire is a choice. I know many people that are gay but never acted on it and indeed married someone of the opposite sex, while not giving into secular world orders.

  8. They probably HAVE acted on it, but don't tell you because you're so JUDGEMENTAL. I feel sorry for the women in those marriages, throwing their lives away for men who can never really love them (or vice versa).

  9. I am so sorry you have to endure these destructive judgments and laws. Never in my 63 years have I wanted to leave the state until now.

  10. I'll be 52 y/o soon, and I feel the same way. Lived here my whole life. I just don't understand who votes for Kim Reynolds, or why.

  11. Kim Reynolds is still worse. Not even close.

  12. You left out indivisible, with good reason.

  13. With incredible patience, because the payout is going to take awhile.

  14. No. I have and i wouldn't. This doesn't sound like a fantasy at all in rhe first place anyway.

  15. OP did not say that he set up the issue that could've killed his boss. It's not like he staged the scene for his boss to die.

  16. Yes, the climate is full of evangelical Christian right-wing nut jobs who are self-righteous af and callous towards the sufferings of everyone who is not like them. Or of anyone, because it's all about them lining their pockets. 💰 🤑 💸

  17. Then keep it home & post on Instagram if it’s that precious & stop bringing “Braggy” don’t touch food to the workplace.

  18. She was probably happy about receiving the candy and was trying to show everyone what her great boyfriend did for her. That's understandable. I would never ask for the last piece of her special candy. I've never been one to ask for other people's food, though. If someone offers, I might consider trying it. Op is the AH.

  19. Really? Is that relatively new? Something different than just off-duty cops?

  20. Unfortunately new and not off duty cops.

  21. Wow! That's crazy! That makes me feel less safe!

  22. She is teaching her son it’s OK to just steamroll everyone and throw a fit when he doesn’t get his way immediately. She’s a few years way from a “Why doesn’t my child have any friends?” post.

  23. If her son is on the spectrum, he may not have friends anyway, tbh.

  24. Seriously, though, the conservatives are disgusting. They have painted a target on the backs of every Trans person. They encourage discrimination and violence. They don't care if their fear-mongering leads to violence against Trans people. They want this violence. And they want to stop young people from taking puberty blockers or hormones, even though studies have proven that these treatments are beneficial and improve mental health. Trans people aren't even people to them. Once again, THE CRUELTY IS THE POINT!

  25. Pizza Ranch's vision statement is "to glorify God by positively impacting the world," so this checks out.

  26. A lady I used to work with also worked part-time for Pizza Ranch. She'd tell us stories about how her boss would try to shove religion down her throat. It was nuts!

  27. Because Republicans need a boogey man to focus their constituents' anger/hate onto, otherwise they might pay attention to the guys behind the curtain pulling the strings, so to speak.

  28. Isn't that a nylon cord? It would melt, wouldn't it?

  29. My cousin in Quesnel said they close school at -40. I live on Vancouver Island. I would not be going outside in -52

  30. These statistics you give--Celsius or Fahrenheit? -63C is -81F. That's insane!

  31. When my father was an apprentice he could legally be paid beneath minimum wage. He was homeless for a time, living in his car, and sent nearly all his money to his wife and his infant child (me) back home. He had a boss who threw tools at him in the shop and who is the reason he's missing a finger. Today he is extremely well respected in his field. He tells his apprentices these stories to tell them to never put up with that bs, to demand better, because they are worth more. He went on strike when the company wouldn't increase his apprentices pay, and turns out no one else can do his highly specialized job properly (which he knew). So, once a couple million dollars was scrapped in a week's span, he was back with his demands met.

  32. I’m in the electrical trade and it’s like that there too. Lots of older guys got shit on coming up so you should be shit on too. Fuck that noise.

  33. You can change that by not doing the same thing when you are older.

  34. I live in SE Iowa. At the end of my street, there is a path that takes you to the Mississippi Riverfront. It's the one redeeming quality of an otherwise crap town.

  35. It's cuz them liberal satanist communost scarrywords iz tryin tuh deestroy marriages cuz they hate jesus and merica!!!! Just aks my wife, cousin BillyJane, she dun her own reesurch!

  36. I'll be holding another 14 years (when I retire).

  37. Well if we are talking about character OP was sending flirty texts to his now wife while he was married to his first wife, the mother of his children, the adult daughters who he seems to not give a shit about anymore . And the now wife was in a relationship when he sent those texts. I also read that she worked for him, or they worked at the same place, so possible power imbalance. So if the age difference doesn’t matter the fact that op sounds like a douch bag might matter to some people

  38. I'm sorry. I think of those 1.1 million lives lost and I wonder how many others' lives were affected by their deaths. All the friends and families of that 1.1 million people. All the traumatized healthcare workers. I'm sure it's a lot.

  39. And presenting masks as a fix is deceitful. There is misinformation going both ways.

  40. Nope. Just frustrated with dumb, selfish people who can't be bothered to do something simple because Fox News told them not to. Masks do work, btw. Painting Fauci in a bad light tells me everything I need to know about you.

  41. YTA! What you said about not wanting to spend any of your free time cleaning up after your own child is what sealed it for me.

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