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  1. Ah yes, let’s force a horse to pull a carriage on an extremely hot day on asphalt in the middle of a city. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Horses have been our machines for hundreds of years at least lmao

  3. I’ve seen this before and a buddy of mine says the frame could be busted. Not sure if that just applies to pickups but either way I wouldn’t be doing any crazy turns.

  4. Anybody else notice the car is dancing to matchbox 20?

  5. I think she would have been in the right and then she wasn’t. He was def being a duck

  6. The look of “suddenly all of my actions until this point have not been thought through thoroughly”

  7. Why do these kinds of videos come from people who speak Slavic sounding languages

  8. If we’re going to talk about gun rights I don’t think anybody should be taking Australias word for anything. They’ll literally ban anything lmao

  9. Like yeah, if you keep doing the same action over and over on everything you’ll see it’ll work out fine eventually for some things but I wouldn’t ask that person for advice on what a best course of action to a problem would be.

  10. You can never go wrong with a trusty sword and shield, of course!

  11. Question: Where are these posts hating on Episode 3? The only posts I’ve seen are praising it, calling it a great deviation from the game, and saying it deserves an Emmy.

  12. Yeah I’ve seen posts defending it but the insta linked is the first post I’ve seen opposing it. I also know people who would have a problem with the episode but they aren’t into the last of us any way and are probably put off by the controversy when the second game released. I think it’s more that people are preemptively assuming that there are posts, and I’m sure there are, but not anywhere I’ve seen.

  13. I hate Jamie for making the wrong decision. But he was true to his character I suppose.

  14. Imagine being a guest at the house for dinner and stumbling into this study looking for a bathroom

  15. I’ll roll out the couch in the front room! “No that’s alright I’ll sleep in the hallway”

  16. Every Latino/a I’ve ever met or seen commenting on this has said it’s pointless. It’s a bunch of English speaking liberals who are trying to protect people that don’t need to be protected. How very American.

  17. I don’t have foreskin or use lube. Just stop gripping like a sandy gorilla.

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