1. ANNO Mutationem was a real pleasant susprise for me, hadn't even heard of it until a review popped up with one of my favourite Switch YouTube channels and I picked it up on a whim day one based on what I saw, had a blast with it

  2. For your Bard, pick Arcana from proficiency, pick Sellsword as background to get shield proficiency unless you can get it from an archetype (don't remember). You'll thank me (much) later ;)

  3. I already picked lowlife for my bard because we didn't have a lock picker otherwise, guessing I'm gonna miss out on some unique loot?

  4. Yeah. Well, it's not that big of a deal, I was in the same place with my Warlock. xd

  5. Ah well, shame to miss out on cool loot but hardly going to ruin the experience. I nearly ran a warlock with pact of the tome and book of ancient secrets to cover identify duties, but eventually decided since the free slot in the party needed to cover arcane and thieving duties that lore bard made more sense

  6. Thank you for elaborating on the better way to play

  7. There are dozens of excellent video tutorials on YouTube that can be found with about 30 seconds of searching and will be far more useful than anything I could type out here, I was simply pointing out that ZSD spam isn't the entirety of switch axe

  8. I bet in the time it took you to check your notifications and type out this response you could have linked one of those videos.

  9. And I bet you could have typed 'monster hunter rise switch axe tutorial' into Google in the same type it took you to write your response too

  10. The save file is stuck on the original host's profile, only way to transfer is for them to pull a copy of the save file out of the game directory and send it to you

  11. If memory serves, elemental will generally put out a bit more more DPS with a full build assuming the monster has decent elemental hitzones, but obviously requires keeping 5 weapons upgraded, and you have to remember to match the weapon to the monster.

  12. Excellent line of thought! So many vid makers act like we all have godlike survival skills in these games. XD

  13. Quite, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the meta, theoretically and mathematically I'm sure it's spot on, but for us mere mortals who aren't operating at the skill level it assumes, a build which focuses on survivability and convenience skills can result in a much less stressful and more fun time

  14. I'll usually just use the first pregen character options that looks average because I don't have the patience to go into deep detail with customisation only to end up with something that inevitably just looks off due to my total lack of artistic talent. At most I'll pick a hair and beard vaguely similar to my own if that's an option

  15. It's generally not worth worrying about elemental resistances unless say you're rocking up to a Teostra with -20 fire resist, it won't typically make all that much difference to the damage you take, and even then you can balance it out with a few decos or dango if you want. Use armor that allows you to build out the skills you want, don't worry about matching elemental resistance

  16. Are you really expecting unbiased opinions asking the fan sub for a game whether it's worth getting? Do a bit of research and draw your own conclusions, look up reviews and overviews on YouTube, try the demo, decide for yourself whether it's a game you want to try

  17. Fair, but in general if you want unbiased opinions on something, you shouldn't go to the fan sub for the thing you're asking about unless you have very specific questions that aren't easily answered elsewhere. That and it just winds me up when people ask the most vague of questions and expect a community to do the research for them when YouTube and Google exist

  18. Last I checked elemental bow is still very strong, the only thing that really changed in Rise is the addition of the rapid/pierce/wide up skills which increase the damage of the respective shot type by a good amount and are a must for any bow build

  19. All weapons are good end game if you play well and have a decent build

  20. If memory serves additional submarines for the argosy are unlocked through village quests, that's about the only important thing though

  21. Got all 3 yesterday playing only hub. Subs don't seem to be locked to village.

  22. You mean I should play on my own with 2-4 players? For a good experience and not too difficult

  23. Yes either play with 2 characters and have both of them take the lone wolf talent (gives your characters major boosts but doesn't work if you have more than 2 characters), or use a full team of 4, the game is intended to play that way so will be the most balanced experience

  24. What if the team of 4 are all the same? Like 4 Archers or 4 Rogues? Is that doable?

  25. I'm sure it's doable, especially if you're playing in normal difficulty, would probably be a bit boring though and not the most efficient setup

  26. Since you you're largely at the mercy of RNG to get the right combination of blank books and scrolls to actually craft one you want, I always found I'd long since purchased the skill book I wanted by the time they were relevant, so I've never used them

  27. You can grind some levels, if you're playing DE you can use one of the bonus items that give you free level ups, or you can swallow your pride and drop the difficulty for the fight. It's your call at the end of the day but it would seem pretty dumb to me to drop a game entirely and miss out on seeing everything else it has to offer because you're too stubborn to drop the difficulty for one notoriously badly balanced fight

  28. Well said. It can also take a significant amount of time to get Normal, Light, and Dark variants of each monster… that was my first goal after hitting 100% completion and it felt so good to see them all chillin together sorted in ascending order.

  29. Oh yes that too, but the game also has various features that make it not too much of a grind to get them all, getting a guaranteed shifted egg drop if you get a good score on a battle with a shifted monster is a massive time saver. Granted you do have to do a bit of save scumming to get enough of every evolution item and champion egg without grinding too much

  30. Any game can have hundreds of hours dumped into it if you enjoy it enough to keep replaying it. No monster sanctuary doesn't have 1000s of hours of content at face value, it's not a live service game. The campaign takes probably 25-30 hours to clear, but there's significant replay value in the sheer variety of teams you can run with and the excellent NG+ mode and run modifiers.

  31. You can't transfer save files between profiles, they're locked to the profile they were created on

  32. No weapons are useless if played right, yes some will objectively offer faster clear times than others if played at equivalent skill levels, but play what you enjoy, don't be a slave to the meta

  33. Oh nono, Im not a "slave to meta", I was just curious about general thoughts.

  34. Yeah sorry maybe not the best choice of phrase, but you get my meaning, the difference between the weapons isn't so dramatic that you'll be crippling yourself by picking one of the theoretically lower DPS weapons, so you really don't need to worry about tier lists or anything like that. At the end of the day your comfort and proficiency with a weapon will have far more impact on your own DPS than it's theoritcial output in the hands of an expert, and in my experience proficiency ties in to enjoyment, because you'll be far more incentivised to 'git gud' with a weapon if you enjoy it anyway, than if you're just using something because it's good on paper

  35. Why would you need to manually calculate your damage when the game does it for you?

  36. Just a preference as a player. I would like to play DOS like how I play tabletop games where all numbers and computations are transparent to players.

  37. I dunno then maybe the game is doing some sort of rounding that is bumping it slightly. At the end of the day you know the basic formula, does it really matter if the output is off by 1?

  38. It was insane, I was playing burn/frost team then fight the room with ancient trainer with Vertraag. I was using debuff team, and I cannot believe it outregen insane amount stack of frost, burn, bleed, and poison.

  39. Vertraag is resistant to fire and debuffs and weak to neutral, so no wonder you were having a hard time. Bear in mind though that bleed doesn't count as a debuff, it's a 'stack' so isn't affected by that debuff resistance. A team that includes a monster with the bleed out shift passive can eventually outpace an enemy with age

  40. Yea, I cannot believe his mega rock one shotted my max barrier akhlut with thunder punch. I'm going to cook bleed/congeal team after this loss,

  41. Arachlich with either D Sutsune or D Akhlut and D Yowie can work really nicely as a congeal/bleed team

  42. If you keep working through village, you'll unlock a couple of quests in hub that effectively allow you to skip the equivalent rank there

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