1. My sheriff got rid of all our countys narcan (Butler county Ohio, Hamilton). His reasoning for getting rid of such a cheap life saving drug was because "they don't deserve to be saved". And everyone here supported it.

  2. I live in Butler county and this just blows my mind.

  3. Honestly no idea man shit was crazy tho the whole first 17 minutes is dudes in monkey costumes screaming And swinging bones

  4. Check out the time machine! I highly recommend this movie. The original is much better than the remake.

  5. The different ways are Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Amazon coins

  6. My SA with Shang and Kestrel all at 85-90 can only do 2 skill nodes. But at the same time I can sim the boss node 1 shot but not if I do the previous node so I team up to get thru it.

  7. What level Doom raids are you doing? Having the entire team at 85-90 seems like it should be crushing the nodes in Doom1.

  8. Well shit I have tons of Google play credits. Time to cash in.

  9. This is my favorite combo!!! And yes if you're going to go deep then do those .5 lines!!! Have fun tripping in those k holes!!!

  10. I'd like to say good for you brother, you have mastered doing drugs responsibly!! I've been there and done that. I have quit a few years ago after moving across the country. My only advice is maybe have someone from your previous town send it to you in the mail. Some say use the gay hook up app but be direct that you're only looking for Tina. Good luck my friend and stay safe.

  11. Welcome to the game my friend, get comfortable because this is the way things work around here unfortunately.

  12. $113 and $136 recently for me. Its Not no 45% thc og garlic kush skittle cake crossed with grandaddy chemdog ak47 Afgani though . Better than any plug I got. But Im a big baller wit " da hook up". Plus I just wanna buy my shit and bounce. Not chill, meet up, fuq around with phone tag. Im old. Buying bud @ the store 5 mins from my house is very nice.

  13. Fortunately for me my plug carries strains that are as good or better than the store. His prices on wax and carts is why I go see him. Less than half of what it would cost at the store plus my order from him is always ready and waiting for me when I show up to grab it. No interaction needed.

  14. As usual " kindly get fucked commander " good luck brother it took me 2 months to get the pieces I needed to tier 16 ikaris now I have 22 more that need upgraded while missing a handful of 1 piece of gear.

  15. Is it true that you just feel very overstimulated the second and third times? And not the same high as the first day?

  16. Each person is different so I can't really answer that.

  17. I've got everybody (including all minions) up to at least lvl 65, 6/6/4, G12. That's where most of my minions are. Three members of SHIELD are lvl 80, SHIELD Op. 75, Ravagers and SHIELD Trooper are 70. Set difficulty to 6, no additional scourges.

  18. I missed out on the web store for 2 months due to an issue where my game wouldn't sync and I can tell you I missed out on tons of things. Yes it is annoying to have to go to another site but imo it's well worth it. Best of luck to all.

  19. I haven't had my credits swap in months!! Still have the same 3200 credits I've had since before summer.

  20. .4 is a psycho amount of mdma to take if you don’t have a tolerance, but it will be fun and your penis will be normal

  21. That's an idiotic amount of meth also to take at one time!!

  22. Yup. Had to do it all manually like the old days. Lol

  23. I haven't been able to use the web store in months. I'm logged into the game thru Google and I can't sync my game with scopely or Facebook so I'm missing out on everything in the store. Like wtf

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