1. I strongly disagree but I was mistaken in saying you replied to me and not to op

  2. She,'s horrible in rta, don't use her there, you are better off using some f2p units. But she is quite nice in siege because of her mo long synergy.

  3. How are you going to try and tell someone not to use a mon in RTA after that person has already stated that that monster is one of their core units?

  4. Flying back to O'Hare. Strong winds. Multiple attempts to land only to hear the engines roar and for us to ascend again, circle a bit and try again. 3rd time was the charm. Plane smelled as if multiple people had shat themselves. I'm surprised I wasn't one of them. Good times!

  5. A glorious work of art where the subject was a naked man is in no way, shape or form pornography.

  6. What they don't seem to get is unlike last time when they cried religious persecution and moved across the ocean to escape it. And let's be honest, they weren't being pressured against. They were trying to do the same terrible shit that is the antithesis of Christ's teachings then as they are now. Difference is there isn't another continent for them to go to this time where they can continue to get away with their misplaced zealotry.

  7. Monkey is great solo unit, camilla is imo single best AD unit right now cuz she doesn't die

  8. You mean the people in Arkansas are terrible at their jobs? This is my shocked face.

  9. LOL I had Montgomery, Taylor, and Adams last year sooooo.... I get it.

  10. You can set any future rotation as your current one now. Happened with the last update.

  11. It's not that he paid hush money it's that he used campaign contributions to do so. Right to jail gif.

  12. If he's going to be used on RTA or on defense he needs will. I have mine on fatal for my Poseidon/Tiana/galleon/kaki team. Your attack is great on violent though so feel free to keep as is for arenas imo.

  13. I'm out on Carter at this point but Gonzalez looks like a complete stud definitely worth taking at 9. Hate we haven't fixed RT as it's banking on a LOT if we don't address it til the 2nd round but that would make for one crazy secondary.

  14. Agree, I want nothing to do with Carter. There's a lot of depth at edge in the draft. We can easily get someone decent in the 2nd

  15. Jeogun unless you really want that Collab only skin.

  16. As the Dragonborn, wearing insanely good armor and carrying powerful expensive weapons, I shamelessly sneak around and steal anything that isn’t nailed down. No potato left behind.

  17. I used to do this. I still do but I used to as well.

  18. I have Carlos. Rarely used him and only in pve situations. Would love Giou.

  19. Eivor imo. Collab only unit plus a pretty cool unique passive.

  20. This is actually exactly what I expected.

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