1. What happens if you just mace these people? Legally, I mean.

  2. I think it was the same beginner that did all three.

  3. Huh? It's an article, like lots of posts. The article is barely bigger than the summary you seem to want. Just read it. What's the problem?

  4. That's the problem, unless Tucker is telling them, or some other far right loon it's FaKE NEwS!!

  5. This wouldn’t be good. The Liberals would probably try to make it mandatory for churches to fly , or display the rainbow flag. They would probably charge the church some sort of tax for not flying it at all.

  6. Snowflake says the frosty freeze cup writing multiple paragraphs all about fake perceived threats. It's okay, just back away from the Tucker news shows.

  7. Figure out how to be an adult, Goodbye! More folks need to here this

  8. She is unwell, but the person taking the video is a bad person.

  9. Its called public. Don't like, don't go out. You aren't complaining about Red light cameras are you? I don't want to be filmed either or smell a strangers cigarette smoke but that's a risk going out in public.

  10. Atleast he's not that one cop that showed up to someone's house tweaking... worst this guy can do is forget the cheese on your nachos.

  11. This is the problem with the "good guy with a gun" argument. Those people are the same ones that think they need to enforce the law for other people and get involved in things that have nothing to do with them, and involve their firearms in the process even when completely uncalled for.

  12. People like the father and son duo that murdered Ahmaud Arbery. That's the good guys GQP is referring to....

  13. Its so not real. Just like the fake news and all these fake right wing nuts shooting up public places......./s

  14. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids or vote.

  15. Don't be hesitant to use mace. It's alot better than getting shot at or hit in the head with a hammer.

  16. Well, considering I make 23k a month passive income and drive a truck occasionally cause I am bored...looks like you're still the fucking moron. Truckers can go elsewhere; you're still a slave to yourself. I made my money watching broker bitches like you burn. I robbed you fuckers of pensions, sales, food money, etc...for entertainment purposes

  17. You'll be replaced by self driving electric trucks soon enough. We all will but atleast brokers have a more skills then just strapping stuff down and driving.

  18. This guys a piece if shit. Sure he can afford it but what about all the other bums he's inspiring to keep impregnating every girl that let's him nut in her?

  19. That's what you get.. and your dog didn't even try to save you.

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