1. mfs will find any reason to find a character problematic in anime at this point


  3. Unfortunately you need to put up with those people at the office

  4. R2-D2 can solo all fiction, break the barrier between reality, and take on George Lucas himself, but simply chooses not to.

  5. So just imagine how powerful Chopper is, being just a more aggro R2

  6. People say this, but I think the lines generally help add visual interest and make their costumes look more like something that could/would actually exist. Their comic counterparts are simple by necessity so they show up properly printed in tiny comic book panels.

  7. Also in this case they resemble spider legs which fits her motif

  8. This just makes me wonder what's gonna stop them from using nukes eventually.

  9. They went full ✨time travel✨ and did satire on the FUTURE

  10. Tell him to wait I'm comming with a crowbar

  11. Microceratus doesn't need to hear all this, it's a highly trained dinosaur.

  12. Also, looking through your comment history in general, I'm legitimately a little concerned over how agitated and emotionally charged you get over a cartoon and people's opinions of it on Reddit, as well as your inability to take a joke. Try to occasionally take a breath and remember that 1) My Hero Academia is a great story and a huge franchise, and 2) reddit is a great place for discussions, but neither one are worth such apoplectic anger. Try to chill a little and remind yourself that it's just a show, and they're just people online. Your emotional energy can be better spent in more constructive ways.

  13. To be fair, the Descent was playing to a very specific phobia of his. But yes.

  14. I was at a locally well known, upscale restaurant one time. I had ordered sweet potato fries, and it came with the most amazing dipping sauce I had ever had. Tangy, spicy, the whole package. So I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, and asked the waitress if I could have the recipe. She said she’d ask the chef, but of course I figured they’d say no.

  15. Just be glad Chopper's not an enemy in the game. Oggdo Boggdo would be the least of our worries.

  16. It's my list! :D I literally came in here to offer it myself, but you beat me to it lol

  17. Ayyyee. Thank you for making this list! It’s been a extremely helpful many times.

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