1. Don't! It's on the floor planning express map! It's supposed to be up for the WHOLE month!!

  2. AP lady told my boss to tell me to kill it bc all the other Zyrtec is locked up

  3. Wait till you hear about the stores getting 8 thousand price changes at the end of the month. Came down in compass its called customer refresh somthing

  4. is that a lot for yall? genuinely curious. our usual days are 100+ and i... didn't realize that wasn't normal oop

  5. Yeah, we're a smaller tier three store and usually it's around 25ish

  6. You say this, but you obviously have not talked to one of your anal retentive peers at another store with no husband or kids at home and does the most because the store is “her baby” and her employees are “her family.”

  7. Aye man my store has the whole family thing going on too i guess its people that actually care about each other vs people who just say they do

  8. It's a job my dude. They'll replace you within a week and stop talking about you in a month when you go.

  9. Never worked a double the whole time I was here and they know not to call me on my day off cuz i just wont answer

  10. Yes. I know I would. The fact that they're white isn't what makes them boring, it's that they have all these tools to create exotic looking characters and chose the most boring looking people ever.

  11. Well considering you have all these options available, tails, horns, and even different eyes, in my mind an "exotic" human would have any combination of those traits, not just a plain looking person without them. Humans definitely should still be an option, but for the majority of the community to not have any of these traits is really disappointing because of the amount of freedom they have in character creation.

  12. How do you trigger emotes after setting them?

  13. Left or right on the d-pad if you're on console. No idea what pc keybinds are

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