1. This is a perfect chance for me to ask what is the difference between CO2 and Distillate carts. I mostly vape dry flower but I like to keep some Live Resin carts/pods around for convenience and travel. So what is the difference between CO2 and regular old disties? If there's anything redeeming about CO2 carts, maybe it can be a decent alternative when I can't find any LR pods and carts. Thanks in advance!

  2. Ok it's pretty simple. Disty is just THC it's distilled or purified, but in the process it burns off terps and other cannabinoids. It has very little medicinal qualities although it's best for migraines. Or so I am told haven't tried it out myself. Now CO2 extraction is a lot easier on the material so to speak. CO2 preserves more cannabinoids, flavonoids and maybe terps I am not quite sure. I still think the terps havie to be added but they are extracted at different temps earlier in the process I could be wrong going off of memory of what I have learned in conversation and reading and research,l that I've done. But over all CO2 extraction you get more medicinal product over disty which is just THC with terps or botanical terps added in I've had some disty (carts) that was a blend of hemp derived and cannabis derived terps that wasn't too bad but once I had full spec and learned that not all carts are the same and there are way better ones than disty. I've had some disty carts in the program but only cuz I didnt know any better. Hope this helps

  3. This is extremely helpful. Thanks. So is CO2 = full spectrum? And are all full spectrum carts/pods CO2 derived? I just want to be sure I know how to look for the purest, cleanest carts.

  4. OCL doesn't get enough love here. Their packaging isn't great either. But the quality is certainly there. My favorite strain of theirs is Lemon Royal. And, yes, Integra and Boveda packs can be easily purchased through Amazon.

  5. I haven't seen any reviews on their stuff so I kinda avoided them until I seen some reviews ...well they were 30%off at Columbia , so I decided I'll try it cause $70 for half is pretty good deal ..honestly I had the best sleep last night I've had in awhile

  6. Nice. It's great when we find products and strains that work for us. Restful sleep is priceless.

  7. I recommend you try the infused honey and RSO. I like Grow Ohio's honey the best, Cokoh's isn't bad but it's a lot cheaper. RSO is another good and effective product.

  8. Yes, just drop it in the jar with the flower and you should notice improvement after a few days.

  9. Quality. All day long. I just chase the best sales for the best deals on the higher end products. It also helps a lot that I converted to vaping from combustion and found the product types, cannabinoids, terpenes that work best for me.

  10. This might sound weird but the grapehead i have from woodward rn seems to do that pretty well. Its labeled sativa but for me personally it also gives me a really nice body stone along with the headrush from the terpinolene. Didnt make me feel drowsy on the comedown so u can try that. Def put me in a good focused mood. More so a hybrid than a sativa for me personally but thats just me.

  11. Agreed 100%. I love Grape Head but it definitely does not give me any Sativa-like effects.

  12. A Cokoh rep at a PED last week told me that the Dungeon Family strain has been renamed to this due to copyright issues with the hip hop band from Atlanta of the same name.

  13. Strawberry Fields in Columbus has flower 25% off most of this week. Minis of Blueberry Cheesecake and Animal Face for $51.75. Regular fifths are $66.75. Although not Woodward, they are also selling tenths of BR Dosidos for $18 apiece.

  14. I second that. Strawberry fields columbus has bomb sales. 20% off the whole store mondays

  15. Exactly. I went back yesterday for a third time this week to take advantage of their 30% off storewide sale! It's also really nice that I live only about a mile away from it.

  16. Top tier for me: Woodward & Galenas Artifact

  17. For nighttime. I like butterfly effect tincture. They have a 4 day with added cbn. Very nice! Knocks me out. I use 1 to 2 droppers full. I also buy cbn from 3chi outside the program. Cheaper and works well.

  18. This is the tincture that I use but I use only one dropper full. I have found that it works really well, especially with sleeping through the night.

  19. I'm just finishing up a cart of their LR Pineapple Express and I like it set on about 2.4.

  20. I love purple strains so I'm curious to hear your impressions of the Purple Cake.

  21. Great thread. I want to try a lot of these strains that have been mentioned. Some of my current and all-time favorites:

  22. I also made the switch from LR Lusters to LR carts in the Uni Pro. I'm right there with you on the Schromulan x Blood Orange Amethyst (3.77% Terpinolene) and Klutch Jealousy x APG. I recently picked up a Hundred % Labs LR cart of Pineapple Express. It has 21.6mg/g of Terpinolene. I like it a lot. I'm interested in trying the LR carts from Dialed.

  23. While I can't comment on the other brands, I can tell you how Lighthouse Sciences makes it's live resin vapes.

  24. This is really helpful information. Thank you. So far, I have only seen Lighthouse Sciences live resin vapes in the FSHTE Diamond Vape format which is a disposable battery. Does Lighthouse Sciences make live resin cartridges for 510 batteries or Luster pods? I prefer the lower temps from variable voltage batteries. Plus, they are less wasteful. Thanks again.

  25. 510 Carts are coming real soon! Like...within a few weeks

  26. Thanks again for all of this excellent info. Is the "dialed" brand of carts associated with Lighthouse Sciences? I saw it on sale on a menu today as part of a Lighthouse Sciences sale.

  27. Thanks for the recommendation. I have had good luck with all of the OCL I've tried and I look forward to trying this one. For anyone in central OH who might be interested, Verdant Columbus has this on sale for $80 a half and $270 for a two ounce tub.

  28. I think Verano is one of the more underrated cultivators in the Ohio program.

  29. Can you tell us the terp profile? Thanks!

  30. Sorry I thought I got it in pic it’s Limonene,caryophyiene,myrcene primary and linalool,pinene,humulene secondary

  31. I bought a syringe of it about six months ago along with their Mag Landrace RSO. I tied it and liked it and then somehow forgot about it. I then rediscovered it last week and have used it a few times since. It's excellent and you're able to actually still function with it. Uplifting and relaxing. Good for pain and stress. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I like it. By the way, the Mag Landrace it excellent too and can couch-lock you.

  32. I gave it a try this weekend and it was too bad. I don't know that I loved it as much as smoking though and the high only last 2 hours.

  33. Yeah, it doesn't have that immediate effect/high spike like smoking gives. RSO usually lasts about 3-4 hours for me and I only use it just before sleep, to complement my buzz from vaping if I need to be more heavily medicated, or if I'm out like at a concert where I can't vape easily. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't meet your expectations. How much did you use and did you ingest it with any fatty food as some suggest?

  34. Make sure you stir up the honey everytime before you use it. It has a pretty strong cannabis taste, but it was my favorite of the ones I've had. I took a half teaspoon at a time, but you may want to start with a 1/4 teaspoon to start.

  35. I agree with the suggestion to start off with a 1/4 teaspoon. That's what my wife uses and she's a lightweight while 1/2 teaspoon works great for me.

  36. After vaping dry flower through a water bong for the past few years, my lungs are spent. I've posted on this forum several times recently about how hard it's been on my lungs and I have asked for recommendations. Lusters have just about the same effect on me too. And then I purchased the Yocan Uni Pro and I've been vaping live resin carts at 2.2v for the past two weeks and it's been a game changer. I feel so much better. No more coughing and wheezing at all. I find it very interesting how different the efficacy is of the various delivery methods from person to person.

  37. Got any setups or websites? I’ve wanted to go dry herb vape but can never find a water vape

  38. For vaping dry flower, I use a regular glass water bong and the E-Nano Vaporizer by EpicVape. It's a small table-top "log" vaporizer. Keep an eye open for occasional half-off sales. To water condition with the Luster Pod and regular 510 vape carts, pens, etc., I strongly recommend the DabCap V4 for about $10.

  39. Now if only they could come up with a variable voltage Luster battery....

  40. My wife is a stage 4 cancer survivor for the past 18 years. She has plenty of lingering issues such as pain, stress, general inflammation and discomfort, and poor sleep. Various meds have been prescribed but haven't worked well at all for her. Her oncologist recommended that she get into the MM program and it has helped her very much. Congratulations to the OP and good for you for looking to MM for possible relief. You should do whatever you believe is helpful or necessary to take care of yourself and to stay healthy. You will have zero issues with getting a recommendation.

  41. I've had great relief from the Butterfly Effect 4:1 CBD/THC lotion. Good luck.

  42. I'm glad this was posted. I've posted here in the past about having the same problem. I was a daily weed smoker for about 35 years and switched to vaping flower exclusively two years ago yet I still cough my lungs out often. I water condition through a bong, vape at low temp (arguably too low), and take small hits. But I end nearly every session wheezing and coughing up phlegm for a few hours. It's really frustrating, especially at night when I try to sleep, and I don't know what else I can do to correct this. I think my lungs are otherwise healthy because I have no breathing issues whatsoever except when I vape. I'd appreciate any advice. TIA.

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