1. I’m short, not quite as short as you and not really “flat” either, but I’ve had to deal with some fetishization. Not as disgusting as what you described, but definitely annoying and patronizing/infantilizing stuff. Dating shorter guys really helps avoiding this.

  2. zoe kravitz, pj harvey, natasha lyonne, rihanna, none of whom are yin dominant like me, as far as I know 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. cat on the wall is so fun to me. Like she just picked the guitar one day, started recording, sang some cute lyrics kinda sloppily, and felt it was all good enough

  4. Já fiz isso. Mas é melhor fazer em grupo, ou se estiver muito certo de que consegue derrubar o cara se for preciso

  5. As a man with BPD this is a really shitty way to phrase your question. Like imagine somebody posting “is it even worth dating someone with depression?” or “is it even worth dating someone who’s bipolar?” Definitely reeks of mental health stigma.

  6. cluster B personality disorders are very, very different than mood disorders

  7. After a BPD family member inflicted me years of trauma due to psychological, verbal and physical abuse, then attempted to murder me, I’d tell you to run

  8. This is not something in the ‘rules’ but I always feel R bodies have a shortish torso. There’s not much length in their bodies at all. Also, SN bones are bigger & longer than R bones. Kim has a longer torso and thicker/bigger bones. She has a strong look to her. SNs still have curves and a fleshy look. Scarlett Johanson is another that really confused me as to why she isn’t an R, but I saw some pics of her and I could see the SN subtleties. I do believe Kibbe is not a perfect system, there are too many nuanced differences/similarities. Also, having R essence is sometimes confused with R Kibbe body type.

  9. Great dress but really big in the shoulder and quite small at the waist so would fit better for a R rather than SN(which i think i am) got the white version when looking for my wedding dress but had to return as it did not even zip

  10. it’s just sweet, just enjoy it. Wish more people were like this

  11. having to accommodate double curve is actually kinda sh1t :’)

  12. of course everyone here is looking for guidance in style and dressing better, I’d never dispute that. My point is just that it’s simply a bit easier finding nice pieces that will follow your lines, look elegant AND fashionable if you don’t have to accommodate double curve. Our best recs are, in general, still considered very “outdated” in the fashion world. End up having to resort to bodycon dresses and stretchy stuff most of the time, because well constructed draped dresses, for example, are hard to find and tend to be expensive. It just gets very monotone. I just wish I could look my best on a boxy t-shirt, you know.

  13. that’s not a mature person, not really a woman yet. She’s a girl, specifically trying to impress older men for validation, as she has listed her own age on the app as being 5 years older.

  14. imo all might work but the assymetric draping on the first one would be the most flattering

  15. the piece is sewn into the dress, I think. There’s also a coat with a wolf head on the shoulder, and another dress with a leopard head on the bust

  16. I can’t see it being flattering on me at all :(

  17. wtf. How old are you and your friends? This seems very nonsensical, your friend doesn’t know the guy, having dated a bad person doesn’t make someone bad as well. And I just can’t understand why you would contemplate dumping someone you like and are interested on just because of the irrational reaction of one of your friends… why does she have that power over your choices, even when she’s clearly not being reasonable?

  18. You're right. It does seem nonsensical, and yeah that's kind of what I thought too? I just wasn't sure whether it was socially unacceptable or something to date someone who was somewhat connected with a close friend's ex? Especially given how volatile this friend's relationship was. Also, it's not that she has power over my choices per say, more so that I just wanted to hear from other people what the social connotations of this situation looked like. Other people I ask seem very split, half say to let this guy go for the sake of my bestfriend and the other half are like you saying wtf? So I'm just a little bit lost here.

  19. It’s just not fair for her to act in a way that would lead you to do this. You don’t want to let him go. As of now, you like him, and he seems to like you. She really has no say in it, and no real cause for being annoyed by your relationship at all. So no, you’re not doing anything remotely socially unacceptable. Your friend is the one being unreasonable and so are the people telling you to leave him for her sake.

  20. I think yin+petite tend to look sort of plump even at a “normal” weight, because of the round shapes on the silhouette… but also being small overall and not having much yang frame keeps us looking kinda smallish to others, even at higher weights, if that makes sense.

  21. yes, but that’s the point. She’s saying waist emphasis is not putting a belt on a loose outfit

  22. I have a lot of guy friends due to common interests, but the ones that are really good friends and stick around are usually in relationships. They also tend to be more mature and emotionally available. The single ones usually mistake attention for attraction at some point, and eventually start flirting. I’ve had to stop being friends with some that kept violating my boundaries and insisted on pursuing me, even after stating I really just wanted to be friends.

  23. I mean: it’s probably better if they cut off the friendship entirely right?

  24. the thing is they don’t, they just keep trying, sometimes openly and others covertly, which is disrespectful. So I had to be the one to end the friendship. I understand what it’s like to feel that way, but the times it happened to me I was the one that took a step back from the friendship and dealt with my unrequited feelings.

  25. Well all of this is very confusing... When people post pictures that clearly show their body and others are saying what they see... There are always some that say how Kibbe is NOT a body typing system, but a styling system. And then when there are pictures included and you can see how clothes fall/drape/fit on the person's body, and people comment based on that, it is apparently also not right? Also, you have these style journey posts, where they say "I thought I was..., but then came back to..., and it was so obvious because I have always worn this type of clothing". Clothes not having an ID is not true, of course they have, how else would you know what to wear, what is recommended? Some brands even cater to specific types. All the time there are posts asking "what is your type and your go to brand", "what is your type and your go to pieces" , etc... Best to just not comment at all then on these typing posts, is the feeling I get. If Kibbe says only you can type yourself, why are they even allowed then? People just gst confused being sent from one sub to the other and then back.

  26. I think Kibbe actually says that clothes don’t have IDs all the time on strictly kibbe, mostly because people tend to reduce one ID to a specific clothing item, when in reality dressing an ID requires what he calls a head-to-toe styling, where everything the person wears works in harmony with the ID, down to hair styling and makeup. His particular method also involves thinking about the situation in which you’ll be wearing it, your feelings around it, it’s a whole thing.

  27. I don’t see a long vertical here at all. The monochromatic outfit might give some people this impression, but you seem moderate to me

  28. yes for the most part, I think 1, 2 and 10 are probably the best ones for SG. Some looks are a bit dull, and some are too geometric/boxy, especially the ones with these very oversized leather jackets. Overall these looks are lacking a bit on the “playful” aspect of gamines, so you might try something similar but adding more color and contrasting details

  29. Dolly looks small, and to me Monroe usually seems smaller than she was

  30. 2nd & 3rd? I did say slightly. nervous laughter Maybe it’s just me?

  31. I think it’s straight, it just falls like that because it’s too long for her legs. And I’d just say that’s definitely not the kind of pants Kibbe meant when he suggested tapered pants for Rs

  32. I’m sorry, Comrade. It looks like I have opinionated wrongfully; sure I dodged Big Kibbe for awhile, years even, but sooner or later you were bound to

  33. there’s no need to apologize or be sarcastic tbh

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