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Andrew Tatti

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  1. Reason why today's Indian men have absurdly low standards when it comes to grils.

  2. Soft masculinity is wrong. If a man isn't masculine enough, the world will jump on him and "eat him up alive". If he isn't capable of causing absolute chaos, then his niceness has no value. And we are seeing this. Like those " Nice guys", they try to get grils by being nice, but their niceness has no value, since they have never shown the capability of causing absolute chaos.

  3. Learn to carry a convo. It's like a ballroom dance. Go with the flow. Flirt with her, annoy her, make fun of her (playfully). Don't hesitate to go into deep conversations with her. Don't reply to her immediately. Make her wait. Learn to use your attention as a currency. Don't say everything at once. One thing at a time.

  4. Agree. The first aim should be to topple your opponent on the ground. Then use this leverage to either beat the shit out of them, or to use a submission move, like an arm lock or neck choke. I would go for a submission move. It's more frightening for the opponent to go through, and also ends the fight early. But yeah, both possibilities should be there.

  5. I'm gonna be real. I need some serious teachings coz i'm insecure in this stuff can i contact you in dms?

  6. Tu shayad 9th, 10th ka lagta hain, wait till you're introduced to calculus especially integration, tu toh jagah par khatam ho jayega, just some spoilers.

  7. Calculus utna tough bhi nahi hai bhai. You just need to be focused and aache teacher milne chahiye. I am damn good in Calculus. JEE ke session 1 mein scored 88-89% in Mathematics (answered all Calculus related questions correctly, lost marks in Binomial theorem and Hyperbola).

  8. Was? He is my hero, He is also a human, he just sometimes do mistakes!

  9. He is not. He is stronger, he is smarter, he is better. He is better!!

  10. Women are getting ready for some reason I don't know what you think about it is not going to be a great day of EDTA and different from the best way. Tf?

  11. They want India to break away from Russia at all cost and depend on them like Europe. Also having two Asian powers thinking independently is not in their interest. Hence every effort is made to pull down India be it sanctions or bias in news. India is painted as villian who sponsor the war despite being at bottom of the chart in comparison to other countries.

  12. And also to prevent India from becoming their "next competitor". Best way to take down a potential future competitor, by making them dependent. As it's said, " Keep your friends close, and enemies closer".

  13. Exactly. This is also why you see a lot of backlash against current govt because they won't sacrifice their people and India's priorities to fall in line with what US wants. This is why Blinken talked about human rights issues in India at the start of war and gave mic to a Muslim guy to read a report sponsored by Islamic organisation is US. At the start of war when Ilian Omar visited POK, it wasn't a private trip but a message to India. And now you have another diplomat going and calling it AJK. Again not a mistake but well planned move. Then sudden sanction on some oil company trading with Iran as soon as Iran offers 30% stake to India in gas company. These are all signals just like visa blocking.

  14. Yes. They are trying to pressurise India. But they forget that this might only strengthen the RIC. I know, PRC and India has bad relations right now, but this stance of USA will only push both countries closer, while Russia acts as catalyst in this formation. It will be USA's worst nightmare.

  15. I can bet this is Justice Chandrachud. Only he has such absurd mind to pass such ridiculous judgements and comments.

  16. Best buildings, hell no. There are more beautiful buildings than those built by the Brits. Infra, somewhat yes. For example during rains, south Mumbai rarely faces floods. But other parts of Mumbai gets flooded. And sadly, this part is true to an extent. We are those who built one of the most complex network of dams, drains and tanks at Mohenjo Daro, Dholavira etc. We are those who built the marvelous shipyard at Lothal. We are one of the earliest civilisations to build and use toilets and other basic sanitary facilities. But our babus, those in power kept us in dark so that they could use these topics to remain in power. They didn't care for India's image. Hence the mockery.

  17. Raone was poorly executed.. Concept was good.. Dialogues, charecter etc dogshit...

  18. Agreed. The story wasn't that good. Also the marketing. The concept, vfx was damn good, ahead of it's time.

  19. She was beautiful by face but ugly by mind. And i rejected her becz i was still not over from my paat relationship

  20. Then absolutely chad move. I too did the similar thing few months back. She wasn't the "most beautiful girl", but yeah, she looked good. But I didn't like her lifestyle. She is more of a party animal, goes to clubs, pubs etc. Now she also has dyed her hair red. When I told her I am not into such girls, she got pissed off lol. Was like " You won't find any other girl than me, you'll remain single etc etc.... ". Maza aaya....

  21. Idk about your age bhai, but I faced a similar stuff. Itna busy ho jao ki uske baare mein sochne ka mauka na mile. Make yourself physically so tired that you just fall asleep as soon as you lay down on bed. Indulge in other ways to supply yourself with happiness. Larp as someone you wanna be like. Behave like them, work like them.

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