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  1. Trans people and hermaphrodites are also people who can be attractive

  2. And who said they weren’t? Where the fuck did this comment come from besides your need to look performative?

  3. its a fucking bot, just ignore it

  4. your days-old account is posting comments that make no sense in the context of the threads where you’re posting. go fuck yourself.

  5. When you look at the ACS numbers from 2015 to 2019 vs the actual census for 2020, you see a huge jump in 2020. Then when you go back to ACS numbers for 2021 you're back on the same level from 2015 to 2019. That yells systematic error to me.

  6. Trump admin screwed up the census? You don’t say…

  7. Hi there. Daniel Siden here, Director of Hardware Product Management at ROLI.

  8. same. just bought my first one in 1/2023 and it last 30 seconds

  9. same here. just got one at zero and its staying at zero. it still turns on at least theres that

  10. How tf do you justify charging 4 dollars to put less toppings on a pizza??

  11. who’s dick? cuz clearly not yours.

  12. Add student loans to the list of things that get taken away from felons.

  13. so ill get rid of all my loans just by committing a felony and getting caught?

  14. I have every weapon I ever forged still. Never going to give them up.

  15. but will you ever let them down?

  16. And you think Trump allowed it to be delivered to anyone in violation of his trust?

  17. yah, this glow stuff forced me to 0.6 m hardened steel.

  18. dat 0.6mm tungsten nozz tho… harder and thermal performance better than brass. can’t get that with the steel.

  19. half of the citations are just copies of the article you linked to.


  21. I implore you to reread your own comment.

  22. Why? He’s right. You just encouraging reading as a general skill or something?

  23. He said every automobile on Earth is orbiting the Sun. But every human on Earth isn't? What differentiates the two? Did I wake up in a parallel dimension where all vehicles ever created are suddenly in space? Or is this the one where everyone's reading comprehension went out the window?

  24. he can’t become a guardian without (1) sacrifice and (2) dying, that’s why

  25. van Leeuwen ice cream i believe still doesn't take cash

  26. yep they do, and they get fined for it too!

  27. As a warlock I run agers and stasis for my legend difficulty runs, saving my super just to melt the brigs with agers

  28. Pair it with devour, debuff Grenades, 3x font of power mods, the one that lets Font stack, and the one that treats stasis shards as stasis wells. I’ll take That trace rifle damage over just my super ANY day

  29. warlock requires you to work both harder and smarter. is it optimal? no. but it's fun. and it's flashy. unless youre playing arc warlock, you can make it work quite well for the majority of matches if you're good. I reckon this will even out a bit once the titan nerfs hit and all the other changes

  30. You lost him at “harder and smarter”

  31. True. Fat doesn't make a person ugly, it's the ugly face that makes them ugly.

  32. let’s be honest, it absolutely can be and usually is both

  33. Easier said than done, I’m looking for recs since pharmacies can’t disclose stock info if they don’t have an active script and I can’t ask my doctor to send it to 30 different pharmacies just to be told it’s not in stock. Hence why I’m asking for location help/rec’s.

  34. did Capsule tell you this?

  35. an old model gopro that supports webcam mode via usb?

  36. does the article say how the cops forced the EMT to administer ketamine, the EMT refused, they threaten to arrest HIM, so he does it. OD’s Elija.

  37. Huh, that’s one way of lookin at it. I was figuring Rasputin was referring to more ‘ethical’ situations, the way he was talking in the mission. Like “I did a lot of sketchy stuff and then ran away when there was something else I could have done that would have been better”, which was the part that didn’t track to me. His objective during the Collapse was to preserve humanity however he could, and if the ‘mathematical’ choice he made back then wasn’t the ‘right’ choice he would make if he had to make it again today, then I’m confused about what the ‘right’ choice is.

  38. R was only able to integrate “human” feelings after we grabbed Felwinter’s ghost for him. Until then, he had no human moral compass, only his logical, strict mandates.

  39. I've heard that the orthopedic surgeon population has the highest number of sociopaths out of all the subspecialties of medicine. However, I can't back that up with a source, so feel free to crucify me

  40. seconded; can concur; i agree; etc.

  41. Seriously, hunters complaining about a dodge nerf while I'm sitting over here thinking "Please nerf all abilities!"

  42. jfc this argument needs to die already. pvp and pve are already separately balanced

  43. Edit: wrong reply thread above apparently.

  44. I don’t really see anything in this that will make warlocks more appealing as their main issue right now is low mobility (no dodge or titan melee for movement) outside of Icarus dash which is only on one subclass

  45. all I want is to be able to icarus dash from the ground again. PLEASE. why do I have to be in the air?!

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