1. It's a cult of sheep. They cheer when Elon announces that they'll be removing another sensor or speaker because the "sound is still good enough" or "my car still drives fine without a radar". Soon they'll cheer when their cars will be delivered without wheels, because Elon the smartest.

  2. calling someone a muppet is all time great

  3. everytime I hear someone called a muppet, I wonder who burned the rissotto.

  4. Go to AutoZone and have them put a scanner on it. If there are a bunch of DTCs set, then it isn't a "clockspring".

  5. I don’t think there is. Shares are hard to borrow and expensive. Puts are expensive without much room for the price to drop. Most of the juice has already been squeezed.

  6. Aftwr the RS, there will be room for PUTs. That's what I'm intently waiting for.

  7. So something broke in Tesla logistics. How is it you have a bunch sitting in a lot somewhere else and one place a waiting list.

  8. I dunno, if you go to put in a Colorado zip code and look at New Model X, there are pages and pages of them. 3 / Y don't have many new ones, so that may be true, but not X.

  9. Hopefully poorly. Charge them w/ whatever crimes they commit and hold them accountable as well. People need to see that bad people are held accountable as it might restore some faith in the system.

  10. Fascist playbook. Create uneducated idiots who know nothing besides what you tell them. Make them legal slaves. Rinse & Repeat.

  11. Yup, he is doomed if he listens to you. There's no dilution. Do you even know what a reverse squeeze is? Or dilution? Because if you did you wouldn't have said that that

  12. Let me try to explain to you. Mr. Simp, why a RS is really bad.

  13. You do realize all companies have extra shares they can dilute the market with?

  14. Really? I didn't know that ......

  15. 1 puts would be 10p in that case and only represent 10 shares after split. It’s all relative, the bigger concern is OI and ability to sell those non-standard options contracts especially after the options chain is updated with standard 100 share contracts.

  16. which is why I would wait until after.

  17. Ahh a see. I thought you meant buying $1 ITM puts NOW and holding through the RS.

  18. Pretty sure I initially said wait until after, but maybe I typo'd something? Will wait for post RS, hope there is a momentary spike up, and will short (PUTs) this to the shadow realm.

  19. If they drove them to their service center, and demonstrated competent workers, the line would be out the door.

  20. Buy private party. Why waste time w/ dealer? Get car 1-2 years old, private party, use dealership for warranty repairs, etc

  21. Me too. I have been selling so many calls that I have a negative cost basis though...

  22. Good news is volatility has kept option values somewhat decent

  23. When that person hits 40, they're going to regret this shit.

  24. Can this be a shorting play? After the RS takes place & the price rises a bit (let's say to $10 PS), open a short if it's going down to $1 PS anyway.

  25. This is FAR more likely to be profitable than a magic "squeeze".

  26. What a f'ing moron. They have tools specifically designed for this scenario, use them.

  27. That’s hilarious. Are you saying it won’t ever happen? Whose got a crystal ball? If you’re going to do that then the whole sub should be shut down since this sub has little to show for real short squeeze plays and more to do with short pump and dump tickers.

  28. TL;DR - Assume the lesson learned is : DON'T LET YOUR OPTIONS GO INTO CLOSING, CLOSE THEM.

  29. I really wish they would explicitly state that the 372 is WLTP, which has a fairly wide variance to epa and to real world.

  30. Ummmm EPA has a wide variance as well, which is how Tesla is able to bullshit their range so much. There are a few articles out there speaking about how they tweak the #'s.

  31. Tesla is more aggressive about its tests, yes. But other EVs are less so and the real world testing shows equal or better results. But I have yet to see an EV match wltp results. So while I get that it serves its function as a baseline of comparison, you have no idea just how far off the wltp number will be from average actual driving results.

  32. I own 2 Model S's and a Model X, I know just how far off Tesla #'s are.......

  33. This may be a dumb question: how is a cup holder non-functional? It’s literally a hole your cup goes in

  34. There are two of them in very close proximity. So close in fact, that if you have anything other than a perfectly vertical container, you can't put two items in them at the same time.

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