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  1. Call them out on Yelp and Google Reviews

  2. The constant nagging actually works!

  3. Slap with skateboard because self defense.

  4. Companies shortened product life cycle by cutting quality so people will buy more in shorter period of time.

  5. Red flags. That's violence and domestic abuse. Please find a safe place out of your current residence and find the support you need:

  6. Bless you and may you have a long happy life <3

  7. The answer will always be: YES.

  8. Be the change in your workplace. Ask to be part of policy maker in a discussion table to include inclusivity and training on SOGIE.

  9. Is this a real life or just a fanta-sea

  10. Will it work with the back door? Asking for a friend lol

  11. They usually insert it through the back which is much wider. I assume all mail person and amazon couriers got master keys for mailboxes.

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