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  1. I work outside so this happens every summer. Slap some coconut oil gold bond lotion on it for a few days and it’ll clear up. If it lingers past a couple weeks you might need prescription strength cream for jock itch

  2. Most definitely! I haven't been waking up almost every hour of every night since 2014. On top of that, I have scoliosis, arthritis, and my diet was never that great. Using the metallicdapa (probably spelled that wrong) PPL from here, I managed to make some decent gains despite starting out at age 34. It certainly can be a challenge, but if I could do this, you can!

  3. Amazing progress, you don’t even look like the same person! Are you still taking creatine every day? I haven’t tried it, years ago my high school coaches said it would give some of the players kidney issues and to not take it but I’ve seen a lot of lifters dispute that. What’s your experience?

  4. Just do what you can. It is discouraging, yes. We had #2 in Jan and I’ve lost five pounds. Junkier sleep, shorter workouts, and not tracking food as well as I was.

  5. Always nice to be reminded there are guys in the same boat still getting after it. Good luck with the new baby!

  6. Thanks for replying. How likely are we to see more of these if we don’t seal off where they are coming from or ask the landlord to sort it out? Any idea?

  7. I’d probably get the carpets and rugs cleaned. If that doesn’t help out you might have to get the carpets treated with a pesticide

  8. The funny thing is, if I didn’t have to work so many hours per week, I’d love to take time to volunteer at places that I believe in. Spending an afternoon planting trees or helping at a shelter would be great for me and for the place I’m volunteering at.

  9. I had to go to half time over the last year and I've gotten SO. MUCH. DONE. Worked on the house, volunteered, went back to school, did some community organizing, etc, etc.

  10. I’m glad you brought up the community aspect of this. In the town that I live in, there are several church groups, clubs and other things of that nature that will organize to do food drives, cleaning up parks and sides of roads, and it’s almost all older retired folks that are doing it. This tells me that a lot of people would like to do this type of thing for their community, but the younger demographics simply don’t have the time to do it.

  11. Also made an IM about a month ago Im surprised it took me this long. The feeling is amazing relearning and rediscovering parts of the game you’ve known for more than 15 years. It puts back the depth in RuneScape.

  12. What’s your username? I’m pretty early on my iron as well and looking for other players in the same boat

  13. If you can’t afford it, send them an email and they will give you one free year

  14. Sounds more intentional and mindful to me, plus I already have a CD player. It's eliminating some of the mindlessness that's impacting my productivity and presence.

  15. Kind of reminds me of seeing the old folks who still listen to their record players. They know there is more convenient ways to have music now, but it’s what they enjoy!

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