1. I didn’t even see you replied to the thread… Well I still don’t get what you meant by that message so care to explain?

  2. From my understanding, the system stops responding and it shuts down; it doesn't auto-reboot. I need to turn it back on manually.

  3. Then your best bet is probably the rcm loader, yeah.

  4. I didn’t realize crafty released his mods. I know smant commissioned crafty (or maybe amethyst) for a couple mods, so I just assumed they were personal projects.

  5. Ditto. Half a years worth of cards, but with PO spending I got 3x of the 90k sublimation chests, plus all the artifact rewards. Not to mention lots of spirit and essence. I'll always save buying monthly cards for till something like this again.

  6. No way, the jetpack is functional?! I thought FG wasn't P2W 😄

  7. Me on the inside would joke around and say “yep, Fall Guys is p2w now, kids! Get your credit cards ready!” XD But seriously this was completely RNG and idk how this even happens in the first place

  8. I've had this a couple of times but it seems totally RNG? I always keep jumping in this section in the hopes it will happen again.

  9. From my understanding this “strat” is completely RNG. And from the looks of it it’s also really really rare lol

  10. Waiting for STAY, and yeah a bajillion AJR songs. I can only imagine it’s copyright issues, though.

  11. Sorry I misread. I meant to say how do you give Fall Guys admin perms in OBS like your comment said

  12. Ah. Yeah, I can see where that may sounds confusing. What I meant was that for Fall Guys to be captured properly you need to open OBS as an admin.

  13. I meant give permission for Fall Guys to access OBS. Unless you mean looked at the link.

  14. Give permission for Fall Guys to access OBS? That’s not something you need to do…?

  15. I’m second place on my server by using Aspen as well, haha. GGs, though! Best of luck on your future Aspen runs!

  16. Wish I could get that lucky, lol Either way though congrats :) SL30 Dark? XD

  17. Android is not a complicated thing to install by any means. Just get the necessary zip files from the internet and you'll be up and running in no time.

  18. Waiting for a hero, who let us play JD2023

  19. its my first time with that weird kind of gameplay but as you say its possible to download the songs from JD2023 to play them offline my bet is maybe somehow they will be stored as some dlc or save file so basic copy-paste and injecting someones save file will do the magic to play on emulator or emunand

  20. That’s what I was thinking, but people have said that’s not how this one works. We’ll have to see what happens, ig

  21. Yes but if I were you, Cyber Monday is around the corner wait for the price to go down and you will get that 512gb for Cheap or 1TB because that's what I'm gonna do, (Nov 28th)

  22. I was looking at Best Buy’s early Black Friday Sale prices, but you have a point. I mean I’m going to shop physically when Black Friday comes anyways so yeah

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