1. So I hate grabbers but if people started taking eachother out this way I wouldn't be mad lmao

  2. Next thing you know they make a mode where we need to head butt each other like this to eliminate others XD I agree though this is much better than grab griefing to some extent

  3. I can see it lmao, Stomping Ground without the rhinos

  4. Android is not a complicated thing to install by any means. Just get the necessary zip files from the internet and you'll be up and running in no time.

  5. Waiting for a hero, who let us play JD2023

  6. its my first time with that weird kind of gameplay but as you say its possible to download the songs from JD2023 to play them offline my bet is maybe somehow they will be stored as some dlc or save file so basic copy-paste and injecting someones save file will do the magic to play on emulator or emunand

  7. That’s what I was thinking, but people have said that’s not how this one works. We’ll have to see what happens, ig

  8. Is there a way to have Hulu even work with CFW (assuming the servers are blocked with the hosts file)? Or should I just put it on OFW?

  9. If your CFW doesn’t have access to Nintendo’s servers, the. Yes. Do it on an OFW. If both of them are blocked then just don’t even try because from my understanding you cannot watch anything without connecting to Nintendo’s servers. (I’ve tried using YouTube while blocking the servers before, didn’t work.)

  10. Oddly enough, YouTube from Tinfoil works just fine for me.

  11. Upgrading to a 512gb is definitely worth it but if you wanna play more games in the long run, then 1TB will do, that's what I'm planning to do once I Modchip my New Pokemon OLED switch I pick up today

  12. Ah, alright. Well, after looking at Best Buy, the prices are a little too over for me (almost 200 for a tera) so I may go for 512. I mean, there's always the option of uninstalling games and reinstalling them if I really wanna, right?

  13. Yes but if I were you, Cyber Monday is around the corner wait for the price to go down and you will get that 512gb for Cheap or 1TB because that's what I'm gonna do, (Nov 28th)

  14. I was looking at Best Buy’s early Black Friday Sale prices, but you have a point. I mean I’m going to shop physically when Black Friday comes anyways so yeah

  15. Theory: person jailbroke their switch and downloaded an android emulator on it

  16. Well, I did jailbreak it, but it's running Android natively, so I'll give you half credit.

  17. To see if incognito/exosphere is working just go to Settings/serial number it should be blank (00000..) Insted of your console serial number.

  18. I went to check this at first and it kept showing my actual serial number and I got scared- then I realized I was on SYS and not EMU. On EMU, it does show all zeros besides the letters, but everything else seems to show up (eg. battery lot no., JoyCon serials). Is this ok?

  19. Honestly, I don't really think it's a chore by any means. This event (compared to Sonic and Disney) is much better in every aspect (imo). You have the improved Disney gacha system with actual playable cookies this time (THAT ARE ACTUALLY META TOO?!) and some sort of the Sonic minigame aspect implemented too. The "rhythm game" is more like a half-Ovenbreak running type minigame and half-that rhythm game you call trash. In my eyes (as well as a lot of others, upon reading the comments), this gamemode isn't the hardest thing in the world. Besides, cut Devsisters some slack. Like many people mentioned, they don't make rhythm games. I'd honestly be impressed if this was just made by their dev team and no one else. From what I've experienced so far, this is definitely one of the better events I've experienced in literally any game. Well, maybe except some events that happened in bigger games.

  20. The BTS cookies being meta is a negative, it'll make players who either can't suffer through this event or start playing after the event is over, miss out on a very powerful unit they seemingly can never again be accessed.

  21. The fact that you already have access to one just by completing the storyline quest is already good enough. I mean, tbh, you can only have one BTS cookie on your team to begin with.

  22. Before this, my go-to Rhythm Game was Beatstar. Nowhere near the style in CRK, but it was fun and contained a lot of modern-day songs. However, if you're looking for something to up your skill in the CRK mode, then I will have to suggest SEKAI. It is, imo, an EXACT 1-1 replica of the CRK game mode. However, I think other people have had some good/better suggestions like Phigros, so just try a lot of 'em out and see what fits you the most.

  23. They will go in stock for hours at a time with no invitation needed on playstation direct. Just check the website every so often.

  24. So you’re saying I DON’T have to worry about scalpers as much when I’m buying the PS5?

  25. No not at all. In the past 2 month I’ve seen it available at playstation direct for hours at a time decently frequently. No invite needed you just need to log into your psn account. They limit it to one console per psn account to prevent scalpers.

  26. That’s good to hear. I’ll see if I can do it next time they come back in stock, then. Thanks for the tips! :)

  27. I got it done with a fair bit of ease. Playing with friends really helped in this situation, asides from Solos where it doesn’t matter

  28. The vast majority of official games need to pass through Nintendo servers. This is true even for 3rd party titles. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, Fall Guys and such are going to be out of reach if you are using exosphere & DNS MITM correctly, but you can still play them online in SysNAND

  29. OK, so it wasn’t my switch going weird when it wouldn’t load YouTube on SysMMC before. Is the patched version on Tinfoil or the Homebrew store or something? Where do I find it?

  30. I believe the easiest fix to this is to try and login via this Nintendo account and unlink it from there. After that you should be able to link it to your main. If you need any further guidance, PM me.

  31. I've been having the same problem, i posted something on the subreddit. Where would i be able to find a live chat room?

  32. Erm… Typically it should be there when you try to submit an email to Epic on their player support page.

  33. Can you be a little more specific on that? If you have a link that would be great. If not then idk

  34. I have no idea, if I’m being completely honest. You’re not the first person to tell me that you can’t find the live chat option on their support page, but my assumption is that it may be because I actively used it which indicated my interest in the feature, thus it just shows up there for me? I genuinely have no idea how I should help other than telling you to look there.

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