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  1. It's all the armchair generals on reddit that keep saying paper tiger, whereas real generals regard them as legitimate.

  2. There are so many soldiers in their army. Zerg rush.

  3. Yeah I see that now… thought it was a similar sign like they have in Hawaii.

  4. My wife got a 2018 Ford fiesta as gift from her father. It has crank windows.

  5. I drive a 2017 F 350 gas for work with crank windows, no power locks, no cruise control. I get around 1k miles a week.

  6. Ugh gross. The thing about horses is that Icelandic ones have the cool hair. Icelandic horses are the Hair Metal of the horse world. One time my professor at uni told me when he was in Iceland, he mated an Icelandic horse with a unicorn and everyone was like “unicorns don’t exist!” And that’s true. Unicorns don’t exist. It’s the only part of this comment that is actually true… anyway here is wonderwall by oasis

  7. I made a comment a long time ago about a horse girl I met and then Reddit proceed to give me nothing but horse girl types of advertisement. All sorts of weird horse girl shit. Maybe if I make a horse girl comment again I will get horse girl ads instead of the stupid things I normally get that are not horse girl related. Horse girl.

  8. For a while Facebook kept recommending that I join the "Clown Girl Honk Heaven" group.

  9. Sorry to hear that. If it ever seems like too much go talk to someone about it please.

  10. I would assume plenty of people in the state have done this.

  11. I know how they got hurt. I'm sure that wasn't their game plan, tho. Still a fact that they didn't have a QB that could throw the ball, not that they imploded. I hate the Eagles as well.

  12. I also hate the Eagles mostly because they aren't a hockey team.

  13. Hmm. If I wanted to boost the range I would do just that. But with a belt buckle mounted battery. Have the wires run down the inside of my pant legs to the shoes. Make some modifications to the shoes so that it pulls from the Buckle Battery instead of the shoes internal battery.

  14. Then the belt buckle battery explodes and you can't have babies anymore even if you wanted to.

  15. Oh i always though that they were normal scopes like ACOG, but if they are only magnifiers that really makes more sense to me now.

  16. I have one behind my dot that's spring loaded 4x magnification where you flip the flap(?) and it pops over to the side and out of the way.

  17. Uhhh. I actually have a kitchen scimitar. In my kitchen. At my house.

  18. Nope, wasn't snorting it or anything, but then pepper has never made me sneeze

  19. Try snorting it. If you don't sneeze then you must be a replicant.

  20. Yar Matey. There are other ways.

  21. I have quite a few streaming apps but what sticks out to me is how little new movies Starz and Showtime get. That and I have to log back into Starz every couple of days and it gets annoying. I get them for free though so I don't feel so bad.

  22. Downside is your necromancers will resurrect enemies too and they will remain hostile, which can very quickly spiral into FPS death, especially if you chop off lots of body parts.

  23. Do the necromancers need to be near the corpses to resurrect them?

  24. LOL. So damn lazy. Calling them anti-semitic when they oppose abuse by any religion, including Judaism. Are they also Islamaphobic because they are against genitalia mutilation?

  25. On Reddit if you say Israel shouldn't kill innocent Palestinians you can get labeled as antisemitic.

  26. They're really not, actually. They're grifters on par with televangelists, minus the large body of people already primed for them. They're currently suing people for pointing this out, or talking about people who have pointed this out. The former cases have been dismissed on SLAPP grounds; the latter are still pending.

  27. This is bullshit don't believe this person. Google it yourself if you really want to know.

  28. It's a German brand called Reishunger. I don't know if they produce particularly sophisticated rice cookers, but I'm super happy with mine. They're easy to use, come in realistic sizes for one person, and with a number of interesting settings.

  29. It's been a while so I looked up the actual translation for your rice cooker and it comes up and "hungry for rice." The German language has such a weird way of making new words. I would imagine kuchen instead of hunger but I'm a simple English speaker I guess.

  30. ChatGPT kicked my dog and left the red flag on my mailbox up so the mail person was really confused.

  31. Luckily it’s a very arid climate. But they should move fast. Shit happens.

  32. You know that’s a true story? Lady lost a kid. You’re about to cross some fucking lines…

  33. I know it was. Pretty sure she went to prison for a while until it almost happened again to someone else. You need to chill your tits there Greg and get off your high horse.

  34. Very reminiscent of Ender's Game. Most people are only familiar with the first book or the movie. In the subsequent novels Ender, consumed by his guilt for having exterminated the race, travels the Galaxies with the last hive queen Bugger egg looking for a new home for them.

  35. I liked the one with the tree bear things that if I remember correctly sacrificed themselves to get turned into trees or something like that.

  36. You are thinking of the 'Piggies', the name given by the humans due to the appearance of the species. They weren't sacrifices. The 'Piggies' believe that when something dies they have to be 'planted'. The ritual is to open the subjects chest and gut to plant a seed for a tree to grow. The humans colonizing the Piggies planet incorrectly believed that they were sacrifices.

  37. Sacrificed as in giving their body up to grow into a tree right? Because they get born from the trees somehow.

  38. The full title of Dwarf Fortress is "Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress"

  39. I know about Armok. I replied Amtrak because the person I originally replied to spelled it Amrok.


  41. I know about Armok. I replied Amtrak because the person I originally replied to spelled it Amrok.

  42. Just google “HoofGP”… It’s fucking glorious…

  43. So long story short I have YouTube blocked through a dns server because my oldest kid is autistic and can't tell the difference between real life and fantasy which has led to some pretty serious issues so I will have to wait until the weekend to do it.

  44. Did now. I just figured it was someone trolling but this individual definitely has some issues.

  45. Depending on the area. There are some backward ass rednecks where I live.

  46. Yeah me too, but they usually lay very low. They know they would get their balls kicked in a heart beat. Nobody wears a red hat around here.

  47. The Trump stuff is still out and they are still dicks about it in SW Minnesota. I own guns and have a beard so I get some dumb stuff said to me because they assume I'm one of them.

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