1. Conservatives are scared of their own shadows, which is why they’re conservatives. Their brains are triggered easily. Painfully emotional creatures

  2. Wagons East. 20+ years ago. Walked out. Still mad.

  3. Been ordering beans and clones online since it became legal in 20. Never had any issues.

  4. Commercial Cannabis in Canada that has a higher threshold of the allowed mold content can be legally exposed to gamma irradiation to kill any mold (the fruiting bodies and spores on the weed are still there; just dead) and it also kills like all the terps and shit. Should not even be legally allowed to sell products like this.

  5. I’ve spoken to multiple people that work in medical grows here in Illinois who have told me about similar practices.

  6. Connection made: Melania posed nude

  7. Epstein introduced Melania and Donnie. Not judging sex workers or anything.

  8. Because we love freedumb and freedumb ain’t free

  9. RBG stayed too long. Said she wanted to be replaced by the first female president. Now half the country can’t get a legal abortion.

  10. No, they also want to disparage the LGBT+ community and any minorities that don’t agree with them as well, and women.

  11. I feel like they openly say everything they want about the lgbtq+ people without repercussions already

  12. I got into an argument with a right-winger about how people on the right tend to not want to hear any opinions other than the ones they already agree with. The person basically called me a liar and then blocked me. The irony…

  13. Makes me a little sad that so many people are oblivious as to what’s going on right in front of their faces. I’d imagine most of these people got mad for a few days and went on as if nothing is happening.

  14. CEO Gerri. Kill Kerry. Fuck Shiv. Marry Willa.

  15. I’m becoming a big fan of square1. Just grew out nana glue. Turned out 🔥. About to give ocean fruit a try soon.

  16. Good thing he’s not a cop or that fentanyl would have killed him and his entire family.

  17. They are clueless and prob don’t even have a way to charge it.

  18. Hundreds of police departments just starting hiring tortoises

  19. So you’re saying that someone that brags about sexually assaulting women, actually sexually assaults women?! Who could have seen that coming?

  20. Sure, facts may show that’s true but my feefees tell me something different. Chicago scawy. Where did I put my gun?! I’m scawd.

  21. Did she just call the gun industry ’evil forces’?

  22. There was a study a few years ago showing high lead levels all over this country.

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