1. Layoffs suck, and I'm not excited that any company is laying people off, but this is a lot better than the vast majority. Sadly, the bar is on the floor.

  2. I really love this, and after the other day, I can relate to it quite a bit. As I mentioned, I predicted I'd fall somewhere in the Power/Icon/Priestess triangle, and I was right. Listening to my recording from my Gentle Guidance, Rita was very clear about why she saw Icon as my archetype, and why exploring that would yield the best results for me at this point. But she also said that there were lessons to be learned from the other two, and that there are elements of both that can help guide me as I build my own iconic style. And what she says in this post only furthers that point on a more global level. You have your archetype, but your archetype has sisters who have helpful ideas, too!

  3. I find it so ridiculous that Jeremy is trying to act like he didn’t know anything about Gothard and IBLP until He started dating Jinger and was shocked at what they believed. And had to steer Jinger away from that after marriage. If you know anything about the Duggars you know what they believe, they’ve never tried to hide it and in fact we’re very open about what church they belonged to and what practices they followed, they showed it on their show. So what would’ve been Jeremy’s plan if he talked to Jinger about it and she didn’t want to stop following IBLP? I mean it’s a strong possibility, that’s what she’s follows her life. There’s no way Jeremy would follow the whole no fun, Jinger in a long denim skirt and him in khakis and a tucked in polo lifestyle. Oh that’s right, Jeremy never considered Jinger as a person, just what fame and exposure she could provide for him.

  4. TBH I feel like I have learned far more about Gothard and IBLP from Reddit, FJ, podcasts, etc. than I did from the show. Now, I'm not Christian, so maybe that's part of it, but it wasn't necessarily all that obvious from the more "mainstream" Duggar content. I think there's a chance that Jeremy, who was really on some kind of theological journey himself, didn't know much about IBLP and was somewhat surprised by some of it. I just don't think he was caught completely off-guard.

  5. Yeah, I agree with what you’re saying. But even if you didn’t follow the show the public perception of the Duggar’s is that they are ultra conservative. The average Christian would not want to enter that life. Jeremy is an intelligent guy, I do nt believe he didn’t do any research on the Duggars before courting Jinger. He too savvy. I just get very shady motives from Jeremy. Someone like Ben I could believe coming in blind and going on a spiritual journey with Jessa. But with Jeremy I get the vibe that he has everything planned out.

  6. What is your advice on how to prepare to the talk?

  7. I would encourage you to read about the system and watch some of Rita's videos, but not get too hung up on any one archetype!

  8. I love the comparison of you and Cinderella. It paints a perfect picture, one that I can envision in every day life. One thing I love is how Rita’s use of keywords are multi-faceted. I would never have thought of using refined as a means to create something new! It’s ingenious!

  9. It's so funny because when she said "refined," I immediately thought "elegant," and yes, that's one definition and she definitely liked that. But then she was explaining her other version of it and I thought, "Oh, duh, like a refinery."

  10. Ok, first off, I'm sorry you're having a bad day!

  11. Thank you Belle! The day ended on a high note, thankfully!

  12. Tell me you don't care about your employees' well-being without telling me you don't care about your employees' well-being.

  13. knowing when not to say something is such a valuable social skill that people don’t appreciate enough

  14. "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it."

  15. Oh my gosh, my sister and I have been saying "feed two birds with one scone" ever since we first heard that. We thought it was hilarious! We use it with each other all the time.

  16. No worries. Sadly, there is no pinhole on the Superdrive these days!

  17. I know where he can find another Jason. In his imagination

  18. Well, in defense of the very basic premise of the post, a quick Google of the company shows Jason on the website. So he's a real person. The rest...idk.

  19. I'm a little disturbed by this, beyond the absolutely absurd obliviousness of this dad. A lot of people with eating disorders behave like the son did in this story. It's so easy to say "I'm too busy for lunch!" or "I'll grab something after we chat" or whatever. I am not at all implying or suggesting that the son has an eating disorder or other issues like that, but what I'm saying is that this is a serious issue and the dad is an idiot to use the framing he's using.

  20. Lady Heretic? I could easily see her in a group with Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, and Jessica Chastain.

  21. I'm a woman. If a woman posted this, she would get basically the same response (with maybe a more "is she religious or something?" tone).

  22. So waking up at 5am gives you "2 extra hours a day" it's really 2 less hours of sleep a night, unless you go to bed 2 hours earlier.

  23. Yeah, I've heard of people adjusting their whole day earlier, so that they wake up at 5 and go to bed at 10 or something. But I can't imagine waking up at 5 and then continuing all the way until midnight every single day and seeing that as some sort of productivity hack.

  24. I loved this video, so fascinating. I love the kind of underlying point that is, people think Taylor has bad style because it’s not aesthetically the most extravagant, but truly, if her style helped her make something close to half a billion dollars… what does “bad style” really mean?

  25. I did not realize that Taylor had so many people who disliked her style. Or that they'd flat out call it "bad." I think that she's had "eras" (to use her term) I've liked better and worse, but I can't imagine calling it bad.

  26. I think her style resonates with her message and her star appeal so they all work together to make her money. I can totally imagine a world in which Taylor made less money because people found her less relatable.

  27. True! I think of singers whose style helped make them money as people like Elton John and Lady Gaga--people whose looks are extremely defined and whose personas require their outfits to be really special. Taylor just wears nice clothes, which is fine! And you're right, it does relate to her persona, so it's definitely part of her money-making machine!

  28. Be it hard work or hard studies, sacrificing early and then reaping the benefits soon enough for a better life is a good thing. At the same time it allows one to save money because you are working at the time someone else is having £/€100 drinks that night.

  29. Ok, clearly, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

  30. Yes. True that last sentence love. Not gonna debate that.

  31. You'd be surprised re: friends! But family does tend to understand.

  32. I first watched the Trevor Deely footage while alone at night. Big mistake! That was a haunting one.

  33. I learn new stuff every time someone posts something like this. Not everyone has been on this sub for very long, and with the number of members here, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot of turnover.

  34. I love how you’re experimenting with color! It really adds a whole new dimension to your always-gorgeous looks.

  35. I'm not even a fan of some of what's in the first half.

  36. When my grandmother died in 1998--the last of 14 kids--we had to take care of her estate. She had co-owned her father's old farm with those 14 kids and was the only one of those who had kids.....we thought. We were then told (by my mother and uncle) that, in fact, there was another cousin who disappeared in 1948. We were also told "don't look for him.". Because of this we had to sell the farm and put half of the funds in a state-managed escrow account for that cousin.

  37. Ok, this is a fascinating story and now I want someone to turn it into a podcast and get Cormac Mccarthy’s answers!

  38. That’s actually the only quadrant I hadn’t considered for her! I’d love to hear your thoughts on why

  39. 1000% agree on Rory as gentle grace.

  40. Oh yeah, definitely. And I think Lorelai would probably be insulted to be called R. In fact, she’d deliberately try to be more L to avoid anything like that! Which goes along with your point that she has to learn how to be true to herself and not rebel just to say “look how badass and rebellious I am!”

  41. Yes, it’s still really awful, but it’s a slightly different flavor of awful. I don’t want to spread misinformation, apologies for getting it wrong at first!

  42. You know now that I’m thinking more deeply about it, I think she equated abortion with the Holocaust rather than outright denying it. I don’t mean to spread misinformation, it was just many years ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong

  43. I do remember that...still awful. I'll edit my comment!

  44. Yeah, realistically, Kendra is very much a "what you see is what you get" person, and that's really not a bad thing or a problematic thing. She just is who she is.

  45. Yeah, much easier to deal with someone like that than someone who insists they're something they aren't!

  46. I love how radiant you look! Your eyes are gorgeous. It's really nice to see you trying something bright and a little different!

  47. She your friend or something? You're awfully defensive . Hmmmmmm

  48. No. I just don't appreciate such a reductive take. Again, she gave us plenty of absurd material without having to resort to name-calling or assumptions.

  49. I agree 💯 with you on that point, however are you this interested in fairness when the blanket negative generalizations are made by women in regards to men?

  50. I guess in theory? I can't really think of a comparable example. I wouldn't, for instance, be ok with someone saying something similar if a man had written this post.

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