We are engineers from Zipline, the largest autonomous delivery system on Earth. We’ve completed more than 550,000 deliveries and flown 40+ million miles in 3 continents. We also just did a cool video with Mark Rober. Ask us anything!

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  1. Everyone in favor of the 2nd Amendment seems to keep forgetting about the "well regulated" part.

  2. The first guy's sentence is in Hebrew, it means "God above who protects me"

  3. As someone who loves cooking, it made me so happy to see this update. OOP is now going to level up in the kitchen, and each level is going to unlock new tastes and smells

  4. And your average Walmart shopper is more offended by this than by guns, tools whose sole purpose is to take lives.

  5. What connectivity solution do your drones use, and what happens if a drone loses connection with the ground control station?

  6. This guy is a walking Darwin Award, doing everything he can to ensure his genes will not survive another generation

  7. Not a fan of hers, but holy shite did she just take him from the top rope!

  8. It's amazing how people will always find what to criticize about someone else. Tearing down instead of lifting up. It's sad, really, a real shame

  9. Those were some pretty dark times, and it's hard to believe it was just two years ago.

  10. I've always wondered, what exactly is a REAL job, and where do you get them? Who decides what is and isn't a real job?

  11. The amount of adult performers who are highly successful in fields outside the adult industry is actually quite large. Numerous "household name" performers have advanced degrees in some pretty challenging fields

  12. The ones complaining about the younger generation are also the ones who raised that generation

  13. So, I think he kinda has a point about dressing to respect the occasion, but I also think he's taking it, and his denunciation, a bit too seriously

  14. You need to report broken luggage at airport before you leave. There are points on each airport to do it. If he left airport nothing can be done. It is not airline who is responsible for luggage. It's airport services

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