1. i think she seems strong and doesn’t have the sinewey look that most dramatics have, natural sounds like a better fit, there’s definitely some width there

  2. I think she seems strong because she works out…? She’s also super thin, so I think she’s definitely going for the super cut and lean-looking look.

  3. I’m all for the idea that we have our own individual lines at the end of the day.

  4. The way OP is describing her husband, he is a pathetic, lazy, good for nothing leech who is taking FULL advantage of his hard working wife.

  5. Woah, I definitely don’t think it’s that black-and-white. I think there’s definitely a lot more nuance going on than that.

  6. So, I have a large bust and used to think I was around 34DDD but after going for a bra fit it turns out I’m a 30GG. My bust is a big source of insecurity (I’ve even thought about reduction surgery). I’ll try to explain my thoughts.

  7. Are you looking to continue doing medicine in the military? If so, I’d look into EDMP2 or USUHS. HPSP might also be an option for you.

  8. Hopefully it’s just oral papilloma (essentially a wart), but bumps and inside the mouth definitely warrant a vet visit.

  9. Go outside of busy hours. I go before pt (0430-0530ish) or once the big crowd dies (1900-2000ish), which then means I can just chug a protein shake, shower, and go right to bed.

  10. I’m there right when the open at 0500 until 0620. The last two weeks they have been swamped from 0515 to 0535 lol.

  11. We have two 24-hour gyms on post, and a shitton off-post. I keep an off-post membership pretty much specifically for this reason.

  12. As a mixed kid, I associate Long Grain White Rice with Hispanic food, and I associate Jasmine Rice with Asian food.

  13. Same. But now that I'm thinking about it, I'm going to try swapping both rices into the opposite cuisine. Curious to sample them and subvert my brain.

  14. Though I’ve definitely switched the two in a pinch, it’s not ideal because:

  15. I would draw inspiration from Korean fashion. (Even though Kibbe said that SD/FN/SN are the most common IDs, I have a personal theory that it largely only applies to the U.S. and that other countries/areas have different common IDs. There’s been a few discussions about this idea circulating, but some have speculated that FG is a common ID in some East Asian countries— thus my comment about drawing from Korean fashion.) Korean fashion aligns pretty well with Scandinavian fashion, being that it’s minimalistic, neutral, able to dress up or down, etc.

  16. Thanks, a lot of the examples are similar to my moodboard / closet, and I think Korean design is indeed amazing. However my intention of the post was to learn more brands (e.g. online shop links). Do you have some Korean online shops on your mind that ship to EU?

  17. If a lot of SD recommendations drown, that means that probably SD isn’t what you need to look for. Try maybe other types where the recommendations would enhance your lines !

  18. Yes! I’m always all for Kibbe ID recommending the silhouette of your clothing, and essence (I definitely prefer Kitchener’s essence system) recommending the finer details.

  19. I’m a big believer that face doesn’t impact Kibbe ID. My thoughts are more or less follow that Kibbe ID (aka your body) recommends how clothes should fit and fall on you, while your essence (I like Kitchener’s best, and that mostly has to do with your face) recommends the details of those clothes.

  20. That makes sense with the example of Beyoncé. I think I have a lot of natural essence in my face which is why I considered SN but I need more defined vs loosely defined waist emphasis and I’m so short (4’8”) that I get swallowed up in more flowy fabrics. Maybe R lines but N essence would fit better.

  21. Have fun with it! I will give this disclaimer that Kibbe technically says your essence will always fall in line with your ID, but I feel like that’s so stifling. I like mixing the two schools of thought together because it creates a bit more wiggle room for individuality and personality to shine through.

  22. The first thing I noticed is that tighter tops seem so constricting on you. Not necessarily that they’re ill-fitting, but I think you’d look so much more balanced in something more open. That equals width, and you look great in some curve accommodation, so it’s a clear SN to me.

  23. I mention the Olsen twins (SG) and how they incorporate typical D or FN lines to create an edgier look.

  24. Blake Lively's dress does not go against her lines as FN. It has a strong vertical and room for width. It's not a stereotypical FN look nor is it the most FN dress that ever FNed but it doesn't go against her lines.

  25. I don’t think the outfit necessarily goes against her lines per se, but I absolutely agree that it’s not a stereotypical FN dress. I also think that dress works well for her lines personally, but I think the dress definitely wouldn’t work on any FN— like I’m not too sure I’d feel the same about that dress on Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, or Michelle Obama. I’m a big believer that you can fall within the lines of your ID, but that you have your own individual lines and curves at the end of the day.

  26. Look into SMPs. You’ll want at least a 515+ mcat and absolutely crush the SMP which will be a very intense and loaded schedule that often times are taken alongside other M1s at programs with linkages. It’s expensive and risky but quite literally your only shot imo.

  27. I’m all for trying things out. You could potentially see about getting a certificate to get a job related to the medical field, volunteering at a hospital, or something else of the like to see if it’s something you want to do.

  28. I’m the eldest immigrant daughter. My dad tasked me with paving the way to success for my family, which meant him pressuring me to go into medicine. I took a few entry-level jobs in medicine (receptionist, scribe, medical interpreter/translator, CNA) to help support my family while I was still in high school. I also got to work alongside a few research entities, and met someone that helped me get a position to help NASA do some research. (At the time, I knew medicine = money, but I also didn’t want to do it simply because my dad told me to. So I tried my hand at research. I later realized that while I liked research, I definitely didn’t want to do it forever.)

  29. Not everything on this list is super sexy, but here’s a bunch of options.

  30. When I first got to my first unit, I was one of roughly ten females in the entire battalion. I’ve also experienced being the only female in a company. As a PV2 that didn’t know any better, I tolerated a lot of shit that I probably shouldn’t have. Some of that shit included:

  31. Aside from all the doctoring and posing and angling and editing and whatever else, Kibbe says that someone should look balanced when they dress harmoniously. That means that even someone petite is going to look taller, because that’s what would make them look “balanced” in Kibbe’s eyes.

  32. Dogs can’t hug, so they put their weight on you as a sort of replacement behavior.

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