1. For sure. I want a copy paste answer. I’m not trying to hate the idea of it being copied either, I’m just pointing out that literally anyone that’s played the game in the last month can probably list every card in the deck. I want a silver bullet. A lose to everything else, fuck mono black solution. [edit spelling is hard]

  2. Search up covertgoblue mono blue deck on YouTube. It's about 3 weeks old, it's probably the hardest BO1 counter to mono black that I know of, and is very light on rare wildcards.

  3. Where do you play as a new player? I've done the colour challenges and I have tried joining different queues but I get absolutely demolished every game. Is there one queue that is more noob friendly or casual than others?

  4. The standard unranked queues are generally the softest. You'll be getting more starter decks over the next few days as quest rewards.

  5. Yeah I was playing with [[generous visitor]], as well as [[katilda dawnheart martyr]]. But the particular card that made me notice it immediately was my 5/5 katilda, unaffected by any counters except her own innate ones got one-shot by it, while graveyard trespasser survived on 1 toughness despite being a 3/3. It was extremely confusing in the moment ngl

  6. If the 2 point meathook killed a few spirit tokens, then the 5/5 katilda would end up as a 2/2 with -2/-2, so quite dead.

  7. Well I dont have a problem with that, its only natural you should play with better players when you get better ranking. The problem I have is you have no idea how many leaderboard points you gain for winning against a mythis player and how many you lose for losing against a gold player (who usually has a sick deck if he/she gets matched against a mythic player with 4/5 wins). And I have a feeling that losing is way more punishing than it should be.

  8. Mythic / gold etc aren't the basis of how many MMR points you gain and lose. It's a modified ELO system. the TLDR is that the bigger the difference between your two MMR numbers, the more MMR points are won or lost.

  9. Interesting, TIL. Do you think there is a reason why we don’t get public info about how many points you have and will gain/lose in a match?

  10. Companies that use and modify the ELO system (which is a lot of games!) generally guard their formula because they don't want someone to be able to fully map it and exploit and trends (like perhaps certain time periods of the day have softer average competition, or more casuals in a draft etc, or there could even be dodgy stuff like new accounts getting pushed etc).

  11. DMU has legendaries all over the shop, not just at mythic rarity.

  12. They decided that before the other 4 painlands are released to complete the cycle, they want you to suffer and realise how much you love the extra 4 painlands in brothers war.

  13. Why would you make a thread asking if you're bad, and then not accept any theories that you might be bad, or any theories that your deck might be bad?

  14. "Made it to bronze 3 without playing the second best deck!"

  15. Yeah, it’s just fun when you find one of the nods.

  16. I don't think they ever name drop the series, but Daniel is a big fan of Walter Jon Williams, and some of the 'human response to acceleration in space' stuff feels inspired by that work.

  17. I've been playing that list today in BO1. Almost decked myself once!

  18. Thanks again for the help. Without rare wildcards, I ended up building something reasonable from the random cards I had. It's not too far away from some of the posted decks, though, probably slightly weaker. (Updated the details of the deck in the orginal post).

  19. No worries. I just stumbled on a different approach to Sel Chants today. It's a best of 3 deck but I'm just using it pre sideboard in BO1.

  20. With the black green combo, [[Fight Rigging]] + [[Shakedown Heavy]] Can make for some mighty fun shenanigans.

  21. At the moment there's a blue deck that only needs 7 rare wildcards and has solid matchups Vs a bunch of popular decks, so you see it a lot.

  22. Yeah at the moment I'm really on a kick with the EarthCent ambassador series. The novellas are so heavy handed with the exposition, which would normally stop me dead in my tracks. Also every single character appears to be a Mary-Sue and yet I find myself compelled to read on. I am a sucker for Stryx shenanigans!

  23. What's the lowest numbered rank in mythic? Pretty sure I seen 1570 and 1600

  24. Why is it bad that it's easy to make a decent budget deck?

  25. Not sure I follow. Doesn’t ranked match you with players of your skill? One thing I think might be messing me up is I installed the game a long time ago so I can only play historic ranked with my decks.

  26. In theory yes. But since you're new, it's a guess until you've played a bunch of games.

  27. Just did this one to refresh memory.

  28. Not the guy, and can't seem to find the link!

  29. Crokeyz UW midrange with minor alterations because wildcards.

  30. Same! I'm playing the BO1 version. I love how the deck plays. So far so good with it, but sometimes the games go quite long so I haven't climbed as fast as previous seasons.

  31. Having obviously haven't been keeping up on anything but does anybody know have they fixed the thing where we can use companion apps

  32. Not sure what you're asking, but I am using a companion app at this very moment.

  33. I hope this is the case, but it also seems like the same people who drag out the game when they certainly have the deck to win. I’m new so maybe I’m just imagining this is the case though.

  34. How are you differentiating between the two?

  35. i actually just got mythic now i gotta wait till next till next season for the non fake mythic wish me luck for that one

  36. Grats again! Are you using a tracker? It could be good to compare the winrates this season and next season.

  37. Wym tommens actor? When did he come back

  38. He was a third string lannister at first. I think Martin? Killed by Karstark, which Robb beheaded Karstark for.

  39. UK watcher here! Yup everyone I know are using NOWtv

  40. I love NowTV. Every 3 months they say "ah you wanna leave? Ok 3.99 instead then."

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