1. Yesterday it popped up saying my husband and I are lucky friends and that our next trade would be lucky. We both got shiny Larvitars during community day so figured we’d trade him. I was the lucky one who ended up with a perfect one 🤪

  2. I have been trying and trying for Apples photo and still no luck. I have SEVEN other photos but Apple is being stubborn and won't cough hers up. Any suggestions on what you gave her? Maybe I'm missing something on this one. Thanks.

  3. I gave her lots and lots of clothing (typically cute colored shirts or dresses), I started recently giving her addition furniture for her house (from the cute collection), If i don’t find anything that I feel like fits her I just gave her fruit. I wrapped all items, even the fruit. I made sure to give her something everyday.

  4. Well shoot, I've given her all of those. I guess I should just be more patient. I'm sure I'll get it sooner or later. Thanks for the reply! 😊

  5. Redd showed up on our island yesterday after being away for three weeks.

  6. He gifted me his photo a couple of days ago! He’s the most precious boy 🥺 definitely my favourite villager of all time! Perhaps you could find an amiibo for him👀

  7. That settles it. He’s staying . 😂😂😂

  8. Nope! These are just my villagers that I added into the scene.

  9. But how exactly do you make scenes on his island? I’ve had his island unlocked for a while

  10. You go in and can decorate the rooms with any items that you have catalogued and add in the villagers

  11. Oh my gosh this is amazing. Do you need the projector to complete this? I have one on hand if you need it! I love the credits idea!! Might steal 0:)

  12. I’d have a really hard time trusting these sites!

  13. Mine like to spawn on the edge of one cliff. So I dig them up and move them and they continue to spawn there. Make sure you have space available.

  14. May try clearing out the edge of one of my cliffs and see if this works! Thanks!

  15. My island has been a 5 star island, I’ve checked everyday! Only 1 lily of the valley though, unable to get more 🙃

  16. just leaving a comment because i have the same question. which camper do you have? :)

  17. adorable! if you don’t like him then i hope he finds a good home, it would be a shame if he gets voided :(

  18. He’s cute and I’d hate that! I have a lineup of villagers that I’m looking for and don’t have room for him. Was trying to see if someone on my friends list would want him but looks like it’s not possible!

  19. I honestly almost caved and got some others that I came across, but kept saying “ok maybe I’ll get lucky with the next ticket” and sure enough ☺️

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