1. In Romania we say „a uitat că bătaia doare”, which means „she forgot that taking a beating hurts”.

  2. “Get on your scooter & go, get on your scooter & go” lmao

  3. Lol I live right next to this place, never seen the car around though.

  4. uuuh... actually breaking in an engine would mean staying in low rpm and doing very frequent oil changes because of all the metal carvings from you know, actually breaking in a new engine.

  5. Lol try again buddy it’s not a new engine

  6. Hey you're my twin!! Silver '19 gr86, same spoiler and everything. I've only seen one other perfect match in the wild. It's a blast -- welcome :)

  7. Hell yeah! This color & trim combo is exactly what I was looking for & im so glad I jumped on it! Good taste lol

  8. What do your exhaust tips look like? Round or do they kinda match the shape of the cutouts?

  9. They’re round but also my cutouts are round lol so not entirely sure how to answer. I would eventually like to get a fujitsubo though.

  10. If you still drift, what chassis did you switch to? Or just a different Z?

  11. I don't anymore. This car burned down, I decided not to build another because I was getting out the navy shortly after. Nowadays I spend my money on other cars I don't need (Porsche), boats, and motorcycles. We don't have any tracks local enough for me to want to get back into it. But if I do I think I'd probably go with a Z again or maybe a G37.

  12. I see… now that you made it to the big leagues you’re too good for drifting? Jk that sounds awesome, Porsche is an excellent choice.

  13. Yeah, at low speeds. His momentum was enough to break the hinges of that door & slam him to the ground hard enough to knock him unconscious. Definitely not what I would consider “low speeds”

  14. One round of “seven sixty two” is $800? Damn, I must have been sitting on a fortune.

  15. How every single person I know now got started… many of them are no longer here. Hope you don’t ignore all these warnings, but do ya thing. There is no such thing as sustainable recreational opiate use.

  16. I guess that depends on your definition of sustainable lol

  17. This is precisely why I quit drinking, it gives me crazy (what I would call) rebound anxiety.

  18. I’ve experienced almost all of this myself. It’s confusing at first but most of my symptoms were anxiety induced in the first place. I have OCD which often would come out as health related anxiety, one thing that helped me tremendously was getting diagnosed from a psychiatrist & medicated. I haven’t had a panic attack in a long time and it’s much easier for me to let thoughts pass now rather than dwell & get myself worked up.

  19. I’m in therapy but I genuinely don’t like the thought of being medicated I don’t want to depend on medication to be okay, I have along family history with meds and addictions and I just don’t want to risk that? But it genuinely is helpful to know that it’s something that someone else has experienced it helps my brain into believing I am okay so thank you!

  20. I completely understand that, that’s the reason it took me years to address the issues I was having. I grew up around & lost a lot of close family & friends to addiction so I was always very apprehensive about medication, especially reliance on it. Anti-depressants/SSRI’s have no recreational value, so there’s not a real risk of a substance abuse issue developing. I’m not saying that’s what you need or should do, I’m just saying that’s ultimately the route I took & I was surprised to learn so many people I know are on similar medications & have been for a long time. In any case, I hope you start to feel better & find some peace! Everybody deserves peace.

  21. Closing the lid may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen

  22. I get that people don’t like this guy, but this is just a small bite- and it’s solid advice at that. If you’re really worried about it being peer-reviewed simply look up studies on showering & anxiety. This clip could be a catalyst for someone struggling to start a routine that can truly improve their life.

  23. He’s considered a cult leader and has been accused of some heinous crimes. I don’t support or subscribe to the guy & I don’t think anyone should, I’m js showering can be a good routine to fight anxiety lol. This clip is easy to consume & understand, that’s why I think it’s silly for people to freak out over.

  24. This is not aimed at you or your daughter because Jesus, that’s fucking terrible. I hope you guys come out on the other side of this, like with a settlement or something because there’s no way those charges should stick. Word of advice for anybody struggling with chronic OCD, or any mental struggle really, the sheriffs office is probably not the best place to seek treatment. I would suggest a psychiatrist or psychologist. Police have a notoriously bad record of not handling these situations.

  25. Or, Amazon. Just pay your employees a livable wage

  26. Drivers aren’t employees of Amazon. The pay is determined by the DSP. Only time drivers actually get paid through Amazon is through the flex program where drivers use their own vehicles. Even then, they are only contractors. Not employees.

  27. Bruh I don’t think anyone here understands the workload or stress Amazon DSP drivers are under… just go take a gander at the DSP subredded lol they practically live a nightmare, and to have any complicated/arrogant doorman or locked entry, especially in the city, is a HUGE inconvenience, and in some cases even threatens your employment. Amazon is not very understanding about drivers bringing packages back, and it looks like this building had a lot of orders. Also, if you ask me, the doorman was probably being a dickhead prior to recording. NO reason that driver should be locked outside of that building with a cart full of orders. I’m sure the fucking doorman was telling them some dumb shit like “you’ve gotta call residents for them to meet you down here” when dudes got like 60 packages at that one building.

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