1. This mother fucker aint done no work. He just wrote numbers at the bottom of a page, and everyone is losing their minds. Bet there isn't even content on those pages, just squiggles near the number

  2. On the top left corner, are those.... speech bubbles coming out of an ass??

  3. People think Ted Bundy was hot, so he's hot in a serial killer kind of way. If you get off on not being sure if you'll get fucked or killed he might be the right guy for you. Personally I'm a lot more into menchi. A hot busty fit lady that will cook for me, going to the ends of the earth of exotic ingredients to make my tongue orgasm while she goes down on me is ideal.

  4. Being spanked in front of people just turns me on more

  5. Is the other one finished or waiting for round two?

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