1. Standing stones. If you activate one you will get special stat bonuses

  2. I'm a tradesman, so I can spot a pro. Are you an electrician or did you hire one to run that conduit? Super clean, I dig it 😁

  3. Desk jockey analyst :) I ran this myself, 20-22” deep with sand bedding. Took about two weeks nights and weekends. I was a bit off on the conduit bend but im the only one that will ever notice it.

  4. Looks like a 4x4 Fence Post Anchor Ground Spike may be used (seeing only a small metal section near base).

  5. This is one corner I cut but for a reason. I have a big fence project planned for next spring, Im going to sink a new pole while Im doing the rest of them. Ive used these anchors for a couple other things on my property and they’ve held up for years . I do shore them up with some small lags through the base, should have no problem holding up for the next year

  6. Keith mentions using them as an ad hoc expansive round to hunt with during the Depression. During WW1, BEF soldiers used this trick to try to penetrate german sniper/observers steel loopholes. Thus its do able but its dangerous due the very different case pressures generated.

  7. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere this was an expedient way to make revolver wadcutters too

  8. To be fair I don’t think that CCW has anything to do with being pro or against second amendment. You might find if you poke your head up out of that hole that there’s a lot of liberal gun owners who like their guns just as much as you do.

  9. Not quite the same but maybe the OEM +2 extension?

  10. You can get an OEM 12 round for about $30, could always sell it or use as a backup if you dont like it

  11. Ive actually had less drop out with anyconnect on Starlink than I did with my old DSL connection

  12. Black is OOS on Sigs website but the coyote one is available

  13. Does your company use a soft token for VPN authentication like RSA SecurID? 2FA?

  14. Just an FYI that speed test is just between your phone and the router itself, not internet speed. The first one is internet-router-phone speed and second is internet-router

  15. I saw someone used or talked about using a nautical dummy radome but they are fairly expensive

  16. THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out what to use for my weatherproof box and conduit run, cant get dishys connector through a typical liquidtight strain relief/cable gland.

  17. SAMA IM01/02, depending where you are in the world it might be sold under a different name. Check out

  18. Welcome to the less fun half of rimfire ownership!

  19. Should really be a spacer when the box is that far in the drywall

  20. I think 3x drivetrains were more acceptable when friction front shifters were still popular. They were much easier to shift consistently with less than perfect alignment. 2x is a little more forgiving to tune because you just set the upper and lower limits and for the most part you're good to go.

  21. Yes! 3x is actually pretty enjoyable with barcons

  22. You can kind of do this with Modular or Infograph Modular with all the complications removed. Time will display in the upper right hand corner

  23. I'm currently using 2080, so would there be any noticeable change in performance?

  24. There would be change but probably not in the direction you want to go. 2080s significantly better

  25. Little less performance than a 3060. I bought one a few weeks ago for my first build in a long time. Expecting it to perform alright at 1080/60. Eligible for their step up program too

  26. Wow this takes me back, I was playing the OG mod at his age. Happy to see its still around

  27. You could do it if you had an ITX mobo and ziptie the ATX PSU to the mobo frame (instead of the front panel). But like mentioned, you will have clearance issues with the cable lengths.

  28. I wanted to make a post asking this but didn’t want to clog up the sub with too many IM01 questions - any downside(aside from ram slots and price) going ITX vs MATX in this case? Already planning on using an SFX power supply

  29. No downsides when going ITX, it literally is just price and upgradeability. If you went ITX + SFF, you could vertical GPU mount as well (here's what it would look like)

  30. Awesome thank you. Just need to stop being indecisive and buy a mobo!

  31. Not going to be easy. How much do you need to carry? Maybe a roll bag on the bars? ETA - maybe not with the cabling

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