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  1. Your lucky that didn’t spew out everywhere on the walls and product! Had that happen to us once when they drain guy came to snake our drain, idk what he did but when I walked into meats an hour later it was everywhere! Walls, floor, sinks, etc. it was absolutely appalling! Took me 2 hours to clean it, it even leaked into the bigger meat room I got with my bins? All underneath the bins, some product was destroyed, it wasn’t a fun time

  2. Whoaaa 9 people in deli alone?? Damnnnn mostly in our store we have 4-6. That’s only one day a week, the rest? Deli and bakery needs my associates to cover their lunches. As well as usually help food/consumables, and ogp sometimes. We’re meat/produce

  3. See I agree! We have a rope toy we let our dog use very sparingly, usually outside because he runs around like the lamest bullet he is, whipping that rope toy around with force that you can hear, yet when we are ready to go in he gets it taken away because if he fixates on it he will tear into it and I have to deal with the stringy poops

  4. My dog ate half of a 9” rope toy after we were throwing it for 30 minutes. Someone came to the door and dropped a package off. We opened the box and after we were done we looked down and the dog ate one knot and half the rope. I had to stay up all night to make sure she passed it or threw up, otherwise we were going to the hospital for emergency surgery. She pooped it out 14 hours later. I was so mad

  5. Holy that’s scary! Glad to hear the dog is alright though it’s crazy to think of the stuff they will put us through. Mines never gotten a knot thankfully, he just tears the ends until they are nubs

  6. No you can’t …. Not at -20 to -40 at 11,000 to 14,000 ft . Bic lighters have a hard time at high altitude …. But the real cold makes butane lighters pretty useless . Just my .02$

  7. I live in MN and currently we’re in -25, with windchills up to -40. I still smoked my cigarette this morning just fine, hell it was -15 yesterday and I went to Walmart, found a lighter in the snow, I picked it up, took my lighter I had and lit the butane to the one that was froze, then lit it just fine. Just gotta have common sense about it ya know? If your lighters that cold it won’t light, might have a bigger issue, like retaining heat within your clothes and body

  8. With the name Richard he’s sure to have a crane operating job by the time he’s 15

  9. What do you mean? He has a backhoe, that's the machine he is operating, job right now. I wonder if he gets snack breaks and nap time.

  10. With a name like Richard you know his dad already had the conversation that the sky is the limit for him so he wants to be a crane operator

  11. I think it only lasts 99:99.

  12. Beat me to it by one minute! Damn you good sir have a good one!

  13. Do what everyone else does, rewrite on the permanent marker and swipe it away as it’s still wet, then go out to Lowe’s, buy some graffiti remover, apply too much of it, get upset and toss out the whole table 😊

  14. I instantly thought of the episode of Futurama where bender throws a beer bottle into the moon man’s face

  15. So they're saying hey I got your mail, but after i saw it was yours I decided to open it anyway to see what it was. Nice

  16. What’s the song? Also beautiful view! I strive for land big enough to do this with my shepherd lab mix he loves to run

  17. Even better, counter with HIS paystub.

  18. I’d love it if my girl would allow this! Would make for a really fun night I’d make sure they both get off

  19. You know man’s had his dick in hands ready to have himself a good night

  20. I’ve watched people get hacked but the sounds of those squelches holy fuck..

  21. The restrictions were lifted, not just for humans but for animals too!

  22. Acetone from the hardware store is the same stuff and usually cheaper by the volume.

  23. You need to be careful with commercial grade stuff though! Your kidneys cannot filter the harsh chemicals when absorbed through skin so make sure to wear the appropriate gloves too as the normal blue doctor gloves won’t work the acetone (paint remover in my instance) will eat right through those gloves. I used to paint mining equipment and many times I’ve had gloves snap on me mid paint stroke and would scare me thinking the part fell and is gonna crunch me lol

  24. Have you tried the chocolate paydays?? Those are just as good!

  25. I’ll let him have it lol. What a boss for blocking them from doing it. Reminded me instantly of the video of the dad with a paper plate blocking this little boy from blowing out the candles and this kid was so angry he was about ready to hit the cake 🤣

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